It’s Read Across America week at CPS!

CPS is celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday all week  (his actual birthday is this Friday, March 2.)  Every class will have a Seuss story, game, treat, and party favor. It’s going to be a wild week in the library, and I’m looking forward to it!

Check in each day for a Seuss trivia question. Answer the question in the “comment” area, (I won’t publish the answers until the end of the day) and all correct answers will be entered for a drawing on Friday.


Dr. Seuss was once challenged to write a book using only 50 words.  What was it?

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14 Comments on “It’s Read Across America week at CPS!”

  1. tristen Says:

    green eggs and ham

  2. Isabel Chase Says:

    Hop on Pop?

  3. Ella Blair Says:

    hop on pop

  4. Isabel Chase Says:

    Green Eggs and Ham! I changed my mind!

  5. Emily Says:

    green eggs and ham

  6. Ella Blair Says:

    sorry green eggs and ham not hop on pop

  7. miranda colby Says:

    The book is Green Eggs and Ham.

  8. Brooke Clarey Says:

    It is Green eggs and ham

  9. meagan jewell Says:

    its green eggs and ham

  10. Martha Vickers Says:

    Green Eggs and Ham

  11. Will Says:

    green eggs and ham

  12. Tanner Says:

    Green eggs and ham?

  13. tabitha Says:

    The lorax and the green eggs and ham?

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