Recap: Day one

Trivia contest:   The correct answer was GREEN EGGS AND HAM.  Everyone who wrote that in their comment goes into the drawing for Friday.  Tomorrow morning there will be another question…. harder??  Note that I did not publish any of your answers/ comments till school was over:  that way every answer was private.

The k-2 trivia question was “What was the girl’s name in THE CAT AND THE HAT?”  I had many answers and just about everyone gave me the correct one:  SALLY.  There will be a separate drawing for k-2 on Friday, and k-2 teachers will have another question for their students tomorrow.

A huge thank you to my fifth grade literacy students for helping out with yummy Seuss treats for my classes today:  Mia brought green and yellow pinwheel cookies, Tristan brought gluten free cupcakes, Lilo brought chocolate chip muffins, Griffin brought his mom’s famous cinnamon bun and molasses cookies, and Victoria brought fancy cupcakes that her class will enjoy tomorrow.

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One Comment on “Recap: Day one”

  1. Steven Says:

    no because most docters dont write books

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