Trivia Question #2

Here’s Tuesday’s Dr. Seuss trivia question:

“Was Dr. Seuss a doctor?  Explain.”

Note that there are TWO parts to this question:  a simple yes or no will not be correct!

And remember, the answers will be posted after 3 p.m. to be fair to all contestants.

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28 Comments on “Trivia Question #2”

  1. Abby Says:

    No, he just called himself that.

  2. Lilo Bean Says:

    No, Dr. Seuss was not a Doctor. Although he did study for his doctorate he married and started drawing cartoons instead.

    This comment was entered by: Lilo Bean

  3. Livy Clarke Says:

    No Dr.Seuss was not a doctor. He called himself a doctor just for fun.

  4. luke Says:

    no he was not a docter his parent wanted him to be a docter and it was just for fun

  5. Julia Says:

    No he was not a real doctor. He called himself that because his middle name was Suess and his father always wanted him to be a Lawyer or a Doctor

    • Julia Says:

      He used the name Dr. Suess in college when he was forced to resign as Editor in chief for the popular comical magazine Jack-O-Lantern but when he continued writing behind the administrators back he used the pen name Dr.Suess

  6. Colby Marriott Gr 5 Says:

    Yes he was a doctor he kept the Dr. part of his name because he liked it.

  7. Ben Hofmann Says:

    no he was not a doctor. he called him self a doctor of fun

  8. tristen Says:

    no dr seuss was a kind of a stage name his real name was theodor geisel

  9. ryan Gr. 5 Says:

    Dr.suess was a doctor his real name was Dr.Theodore Suess Geisel and he went to Dartmouth college and studied on being a doctor.

  10. luke Says:

    Dr.Seuss wrote his first books under a pseudonym name it is a name that lets him pick his own name for his books. He then picked out a name and it was Dr.Seuss. He got Seuss from his mothers last name before she got married. Dr.seuss loved to play with words.

  11. Nicole Tribble Says:

    No he was not a doctor, because when he was studying to be a doctor he married and didn’t complete!

  12. Peyton Hart Says:

    Dr.Seuss was not a real doctor. He wasn’t a doctor because he was famous for the children’s books he wrote.

  13. Gabe Says:

    Dr.Seuss was not a real doctor, he was a children book writer. He wrote 46 children’s books. Dr.Seusses real name is Theodore Seuss Geisel, he got Dr.Seuss when he published his first book And To Think I Saw It On Mullberry street, he chose his pen name to be Dr.suess.

  14. tristen Says:

    a stage name for his books

  15. Avery Lehman Says:

    Well he got a Doctors degree and I think retired and started to write
    books but kept the Dr. in his name.

    Avery Lehman

  16. Lydia Says:

    yes they called him Dr.Susse cause he used to be a doctor

  17. tristen Says:

    he was in my opinion a great dr in writing

  18. Brooke Clarey Says:

    no because people just stared calling him.

  19. marvel ayotte Says:

    No that just was his cachey aurthur name.

  20. Mason Says:

    no he wasint a doctor because he was a writer

  21. Shane Says:

    No they called him a doctor because he was a famous book writer

  22. talyor hoyt(using her sisters email address because im not sure if hers.) Says:

    Dr. Suess was not a doctor,he added doctor to honor is dad who was a doctor.

  23. Ava Doucette Says:

    No. He was not a doctor,but went to Dartmouth. He was a cartoonist and a writer.

  24. preston Says:

    no he called himself a doctor for fun

  25. Madison Roberts Says:

    He was not a doctor because he was a famous at the children books

  26. Tanner Says:

    cat in the hat.There,s a walket in my pocket.Some times it,s okay to be silly..

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