Have you ever written to an author?

Trey, a very creative fourth grader in Mrs. Jerome’s class who we’ve heard from before (!!!), had an interesting story to tell me today:

“I was making origami Darth Papers and origami Yodas, and I decided I wanted to make an origami creation of my own. It wasn’t really hard once I started it. I wanted it to be Hans Solo, but it turned out to be Anakin. Tom Angleberger, the author of the book ORIGAMI YODA and DARTH PAPER STRIKES BACK, was one of my favorite authors so I decided to show him. I mailed him the origami Anakin and wrote him a letter. Every day I would beg Mom to go to the post office on the way in to school to see if my letter had come. I was getting tired of waiting, and was deciding to give up, when my Mom tucked a card in my hand when I first woke up this morning and I found out it was already open. Inside, I saw Tom’s letter along with two stickers and a temporary tattoo. I felt really excited that a famous author had written to me. I shared it with my classmates after recess. Everyone really loved it and wished they had an author’s signature of their own.”

Awesome!  I love it when kids are so connected to a book that they will write a letter to the author, AND I’m glad that Tom Angleberger was kind enough to write back.

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3 Comments on “Have you ever written to an author?”

  1. Trey Meader Says:

    I love Tom Angleberger. I can’t believe he wrote to me. WHAT A RUSH!

  2. Peyton Meader Says:

    P.S: I love you, Bubby.

  3. Pearl Mattson Says:

    Dear Trey,
    You are a wonderful artist in any medium. We have a rush just hearing that you have a famous author friend.

    We know that your first stage performance as Willy Wonka will be awesome! See you on opening night. Love, Nannie and Poohie

    You make us proud!

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