Do you love the “Amulet” series?

Recently, Amulet 5 arrived. About 30 students have been eagerly waiting.  Here is a picture of three fifth graders jumping up and down as I returned from the post office with the precious new book:

In case you haven’t heard of this series, here are the other four books :

Please leave me a comment if you are a fan of these adventure-filled graphic novels.  I think they are the most popular books in the library, so here’s your chance to weigh in!

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3 Comments on “Do you love the “Amulet” series?”

  1. chaia Says:

    Ha ha! I remember that day! Caroline trey and I were waiting and waiting for that book! If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it!

  2. Caroline Says:

    That’s so funny! I love the Amulet series! We were all waiting for Amulet 5 for over a year! Trey, Chaia, and I were so exited when Mrs. Raymond (A.K.A Best librarian in the world!!!!) came back, we were jumping!(See photo above) It’s a great series if you haven’t read it!

  3. chaia Says:

    We seriously couldn’t contain our excitement. Amulet is a funny, emotional story about a girl named Emily and her brother Navin. When they move to an old house an entire adventure starts!

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