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The return of the AMERICAN GIRL TEA PARTY!

November 20, 2012

Years ago, I used to have an AMERICAN GIRL TEA PARTY every spring. For students who had read five American Girl books, I would ask them to do a little book review/report and then we would have a fancy tea party in the library in the Spring. Sometimes I had more boys than girls!

Well, I haven’t done it for awhile, and this year it feels like it’s time to bring it back.   I was talking about these books in Mrs. Wight’s class, since we are about to start the Addy Christmas book, and one thing led to another. The kids – boys and girls – checked out books today like crazy, and they are all excited to read their books and celebrate in the Spring.  I decided this will be for THIRD GRADERS ONLY, for a few reasons:  Fourth graders already have the Sleepover Club, these books are a little too challenging for most Second graders, and we want to have a manageable number of kids, so I think one grade level is about right.   I have started a page called AMERICAN GIRL TEA PARTY RESPONSES listed under the pages on the right margin of this blog. Click on that, leave your book review after you have read a book, and we will be underway!

Congratulations, Utah!

November 16, 2012

Utah is the first student to complete the reading and sharing for the Fourth Grade Library Sleepover! Here he is clutching his “million dollar bookmark”. He read some very challenging books, and informed me that he will “never stop reading.” I believe that, Utah! Congratulations!


November 13, 2012

I had a lovely surprise today: three sixth graders visited me after school. All three were avid readers during their CPS years, and I have truly missed them and our spirited conversations about books since they “graduated” to the middle school. It was wonderful to talk about some fun library memories and discuss books new and old. Each girl left the library with a bag full of books to read, which warmed my heart. Here they are, shortly after leaving the library, diving into their new treasures:

The good news is, I’ll get another visit when they return all those books.


November 9, 2012

We held an interesting election here at Crescent Park School this week. To help teach kids a little about the election process, I decided to have the fourth and fifth graders nominate their favorite books: books that had a big impact in their lives.  I took all the nominations, narrowed them down, and came up with the ballot.  On  Election Day, when all of the voters in the U.S. were voting for President, we had our own election to see what the big BOOK WINNERS would be. Here are the results:

Favorite series: Wimpy Kid books
Favorite single title: Charlotte’s Web
Favorite graphic novel: BONE and AMULET tied!