The return of the AMERICAN GIRL TEA PARTY!

Years ago, I used to have an AMERICAN GIRL TEA PARTY every spring. For students who had read five American Girl books, I would ask them to do a little book review/report and then we would have a fancy tea party in the library in the Spring. Sometimes I had more boys than girls!

Well, I haven’t done it for awhile, and this year it feels like it’s time to bring it back.   I was talking about these books in Mrs. Wight’s class, since we are about to start the Addy Christmas book, and one thing led to another. The kids – boys and girls – checked out books today like crazy, and they are all excited to read their books and celebrate in the Spring.  I decided this will be for THIRD GRADERS ONLY, for a few reasons:  Fourth graders already have the Sleepover Club, these books are a little too challenging for most Second graders, and we want to have a manageable number of kids, so I think one grade level is about right.   I have started a page called AMERICAN GIRL TEA PARTY RESPONSES listed under the pages on the right margin of this blog. Click on that, leave your book review after you have read a book, and we will be underway!

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7 Comments on “The return of the AMERICAN GIRL TEA PARTY!”

  1. Peyton Says:

    I read Meet Caroline today. Caroline was out sailing when some British soldiers came and captured Caroline’s dad and cousin.
    After about a month, neither Papa nor Oliver (Caroline’s cousin) had returned.
    One day, the British soldiers sailed near shore. Did Caroline win the battle, or did the British take over? Read the book to find out.
    -Peyton Meader

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Peyton: Wow! You really made reading a priority today! I am very impressed. I am reading MEET CAROLINE right now, and when we get back from vacation, the other five books in this new series will be available for you (and me!) to check out. GOOD JOB!
      -Mrs. Raymond

    • Peyton Says:

      I Just read Meet McKenna. McKenna just got out of school, and had lots of homework.
      After gymnastics, she started her homework. She had trouble with it. By the time the homework (which was reading a chapter in a science book) was due, McKenna still didn’t understand.
      The next day McKenna came home to a bad surprise. Her parents told her if her grades didn’t come back up, she would have to skip gymnastics. (Gymnastics was McKenna’s life!) Will McKenna have to skip gymnastics to make her grades come up? Read the book to find out.

      • Peyton Says:

        I read Meet Kaya. Kaya is traveling to meet many of her relatives. When she arrives, she decides to go out and meet all the other boys and girls. Kaya’s mom tells her to take care of the twins.
        When she got down there, a boy named Fox Tail challenges Kaya to a horse race. Kaya leaves her brothers with her blind “sister” and begins the race.
        Kaya pushes her horse, Steps High, too hard, and Steps High bucked Kaya off.
        Kaya goes back discouraged, and finds that her brothers have run off. She finally found them, but everyone calls her Magpie because she didn’t take care of her brothers. Will Kaya ever get rid of her horrible nickname? Read the book to find out.

  2. Mia Says:

    Sounds like SO much fun !!!! I remember reading some of the american girl books when I was little,I really enjoyed the one about Mia, o fcourse.

  3. Izzy Says:

    I wish you’d do that with the fifth graders! Sounds like lots of fun.

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