THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN by Katherine Applegate

ivanI’m going to go out on a limb and predict that THIS BOOK is going to win Newbery recognition when the awards are announced next week…it’s that good and that original.

Ivan is a gorilla who lives at a shabby, circus-themed mall.  He has spent years in his glass “domain”, watching tv, painting, and interacting with his friends Stella the elephant and Bob, a stray dog.   Their owner, Mack, is desperate to make money and not as focused on the happiness of his animals as he should be.  When changes come, mainly due to a new baby elephant named Ruby who will (hopefully) bring more business to the failing mall, Ivan is spurred to action.   This story has echoes of CHARLOTTE’S WEB: there is even a “Fern” character named Julia, who spends time with the animals and understands them in a way that Mack doesn’t.  If you love animals and want a story with a lot of heart, this is a book you must read.

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5 Comments on “THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN by Katherine Applegate”

  1. chaia Says:

    That sounds a little like a book I would read! Sounds interesting!

  2. Reading it. Librarians mus stick together! And I am almost finished.

  3. Mia Says:

    I just got that book from Ms. Fraser and I can’t wait to read it, sounds SO good !

  4. Emily Fraser Says:

    I loved Ivan it was like Charlotte’s Web in a way. Bob was my favorite charater in the book because he was very funny. He was a little like Templeton in Charlotte’s Web except he was more friendly.

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