Photo Feb 12, 12 39 07 PMI always read MEET ADDY and ADDY LEARNS A LESSON in 2nd grade at this time of year, in honor of Black History Month.  The students learn so much about slavery and the struggle for freedom from sharing these fabulous American Girl books in library class.  This year I decided to treat myself to a mini-Addy doll.  Here she is with her mini-book that came with her.

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6 Comments on “ADDY!”

  1. Emily Fraser Says:

    Addy is sooooooo cute the book is totally so cool. She looks real!

  2. chaia Says:

    Oh wow. That is so cute! I remember that in 3rd grade someone read us an Addy book. Mrs Raymond or the teacher…….

  3. Emily did it! She was the first to comment! ANd she did it all by herself. I didn’t even know she did it. And Bailey wanted to add something, but she was reading Saige. She finished it this morning. And on the topic of Addy, she is adorable, sitting there and reading her own book.

  4. Caroine Siekman Says:

    She is soooo cute!!!!! All of her books were great too!!!

  5. Bailey Says:

    I love Addy!

  6. Izzy Says:

    Cute! Addy was always one of my FAVORITES! That little book she has is so cool!

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