SON by Lois Lowry

SonI just finished SON by Lois Lowry, the fourth book in THE GIVER quartet (THE GIVER, GATHERING BLUE, MESSENGER, and SON ).    For those of you who have read THE GIVER, a haunting dystopian Newbery Award winner published 20 years ago, this is a must-read!  Even if you didn’t read THE GIVER, this book can stand alone.  This is also a series for all of you HUNGER GAMES fans out there.  (Note:  a fifth grade student, Lily Drew, is a passionate Lois Lowry fan who read this first and urged me to move SON to the top of my very large “to-read” pile.  I’m glad I did.  Thank you, Lily!)

The setting of THE GIVER and SON is a world very different from our own.  It is a futuristic, controlled world with no violence, war, poverty, or crime.  But there is also no  love, no color, no choice!  Every person is assigned a role in the Community at age  12, such as  Birthmother, Nurturer, Engineer, or Caretaker of the Old.  In this last book, SON, we follow Claire who is a Birthmother. All Birthmothers are separated from their “product” , but Claire alone  formed an attachment to hers that she cannot forget.  Her quest to find him will bring her face to face with evil itself.  The twists and turns her life takes will leave you breathless.

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2 Comments on “SON by Lois Lowry”

  1. Lily Drew Says:

    It definitely can stand by itself. You learn about The Giver a little after the very beginning BUT you definitely should read The Giver if you want to read it. If you think you want to read the entire series read The Giver first Gathering Blue second Messenger third and last but definitely not least Son my personal favorite.

  2. chaia Says:

    I SO want to read Son! It sounds so intriguing!

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