Mrs. Conrad’s Class: Fifth Grade Book Reviews

In library class today, I had each student write a book review of a book that they have loved during their 6 years at CPS.  Here are their reviews:


brian's returnBrian’s Return by Gary Paulsen

I just finished reading the second book of the Hatchet series, BRIAN’S RETURN, by Gary Paulsen.  This book is about a boy named Brian who needs, really actively NEEDS, to go back to the wilderness because after he got lost in the wilderness he doesn’t fit in the city anymore.  So he goes.  He runs into a bear, makes a new friend, and canoes through a chain of lakes.  But his destination is a mystery for you!


Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events

bad beginningBook I:  The Bad Beginning

When smoke rises from their parent’s house, three orphans are informed that their parents have burned to ash in a massive fire.  Being orphans, they are delivered to their legal (but evil) guardian, a nasty villain called Count Olaf, who will do anything to get his dirty hands on the immense fortune that the orphans’ parents left behind.  The orphans, Sunny, Klaus, and Violet, desperately try to stay out of the way of the criminal, but with the dastardly plan he has, well, what’s a couple of brilliant orphans to do?


dog on his ownA Dog on on his Own by Mary Jane Auch

This book is about a dog that ran off from his owner.  He does not trust people and he finds two other dogs from the shelter.  He gets hurt, and  Peppy and Pearl help him get better and find shelter and food.  This book is so scary and happy and great!


elephant in the gardenElephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo

Fifth grade was a year of excellent books.  I’m sure I can’t remember all of them, but I know this one will be with me forever.

A woman and her son visit an old woman in a rest home, where the mother works.  Soon enough they become lost in an incredible story of her childhood in Germany during World War II.  A thrilling adventure unfolds as she retells the story of her expedition across the country with her brother, her mom, and an elephant!  How do you survive a Nazi attack with an elephant to take care of?


wildwoodbookWildwood by Colin Meloy

This whole story is about when Pru, a young girl and the main character, is babysitting her baby brother Mac.  When they’re walking around, a murder (which means like a flock) of crows lifts her brother right out of the wagon!  Pru, as anyone probably would, goes to find her brother.  She figures out that the crows brought Mac into the Impassable Wilderness, which no one has ever gone in and has ever returned to tell his/her tale!  Pru ventures in with her friend Curtis to find her brother.  But, the woods is filled with jails, big birds, bandits, and an evil Dowager who is ready to feed Mac to Ivy to awaken it.  Can Pru, Curtis, and their friends stop the Dowager Governess and save Mac?


TangerineI just finished TANGERINE by Edward Bloor.  Paul Fisher is one of the best soccer players in Tangerine County, Florida, even though he is legally blind.  When his school is sunk into a sinkhole, that changes his life forever. His dad just pays attention to his brother Erik who is a jerk.  His mom is nice but still pays a lot of attention to Erik.  Why?  Because Erik is some football superstar.  There is a very dark secret in this family.  When you are reading the book you will figure out the dark secret, and how Paul learns friendship, bravery, and courage.



When I read Swiss Family Robinson the first time, it taught me to have imagination.  It’s about a family of six people stranded on an island where they learn to survive.  The island is pretty much like the whole world on a small island.  They have lots of exciting adventures and they build a house out of solid rock.  They ride a buffalo, an ostrich, and a mule.  There are funny parts and sad parts.  It’s really easy to read, but it really paints a picture in your mind.  When you read it you feel like you’re right there.  It’s truly a great book for all ages.


capt underpandsCaptain Underpants series

Captain Underpants is the best series of books that I read because it’s all about two kids getting into adventures with Captain Underpants who is the kids’ principal.  You will find out how the principal is Captain Underpants.  It is hilarious.


runaway twinRunaway Twin by Peg Kehret

Sunny Skyland is a 13-year old girl who has been in seven foster homes since age 3 because her mother and grandmother were killed in a car crash and her dad was nowhere to be found.  She had been separated from her twin sister Star at the age of 3 as well. Sunny has kept all of her memories of Star under her bed including a picture of them the day they were separated.  During a nice walk in the woods, Sunny finds a canvas bag with $800.  She puts out signs to try to figure out whose bag it was that she found, and no one claimed it.  So she set out on a journey to find Star, From Nebraska to Washington.  On the way Sunny comes up to a stray dog outside of McDonald’s in the parking lot.  Her trip is harsh and hard to get around, but with the help of the $800, does she make it or does she fail?

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3 Comments on “Mrs. Conrad’s Class: Fifth Grade Book Reviews”

  1. Mia Says:

    I wish that I could of done this in 5th grade, it sounds SO cool!
    I’m reading a mystery called “Three Times Lucky” ,it’s the Newbery winner for this year, it’s about two kids trying to solve a mystery about somebody’s death. It is very exciting and jest keeps getting better! It’s definitely the right kind of summer book!

  2. Caroline Newell Says:

    I remember that!! 🙂 it was really hard to choose my favorite book!

  3. Ben Alford Says:

    I never got to do this in 5th grade!

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