“Rising Star” award

Photo Jun 21, 8 31 51 AM

Many stacks in this picture contain SIX books each; others have three or four.

At Awards Day on the last day of school, I honored a Third Grader in Mrs. Wight’s room who did something amazing this year.  I previously wrote of how Peyton read over 100 books for the American Girl Tea Party (the expectation was to read 5).  She set herself a goal in January to read EVERY AMERICAN GIRL BOOK IN THE LIRARY, which ended up being 105.  She was excited and consistent about it, and her enthusiasm and daily visits to the library from January to April really brightened my winter work days.   Here’s to commitment and drive, Peyton: may you continue to achieve your goals!  I have no doubt that you will!

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One Comment on ““Rising Star” award”

  1. Peyton is my niece’s daughter. She truly is a “shining star”. How proud this large family is of this remarkable girl. I am the aunt from RI ( teaching Kindergarten in a Private school). I love hearing the amazing accomplishments attained by the Crescent Park Elementary School students and teachers.
    Way to go Peyton

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