Makenzie’s apple dolls

It is that time of year again, when I read THE APPLE DOLL by Elisa Kleven and the students all say they want the directions to make their own apple doll at home.  It’s a lot of work, but usually one student will show up a few weeks later with a doll.  This year, it was Makenzie in Mrs. Lee’s second grade class.  She made THREE dolls with her grandmother.  Imagine my surprise when she brought in this fancy box, untied the lid, and unveiled these creative masterpieces!

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2 Comments on “Makenzie’s apple dolls”

  1. Mrs. Lee Says:

    Incredible job Makenzie and Meme! They are even more precious in person. You worked hard and what an A+ effort on your apple dolls! Mrs. Lee

  2. Cheryl Burnham Says:

    Makenzie really enjoyed doing the apple dolls project. She was very enthusiastic and gave all the ideas for the project. She used the sewing machine for the first time to make the outfits. I was very impressed how patient she was for the apples to dry. It was wonderful to have such a project that her Meme and Bumpa could share with her.

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