Here is where you tell me about the American Girl book that you read.  Please tell me the TITLE and discuss a bit about the characters, setting, conflict/problem, etc.  You can tell me your favorite part, but DON’T TELL THE ENDING!  We don’t want to ruin the surprise for others!


  1. lily ryan Says:

    Meet Josefina is a book about her family coming and going.
    Her grandfather Abuelito came from Mexico and her aunt Tia Dolores came from Mexico city. Her mother died a year ago. So she lives with Tia Dolores, Abuelito, her father “papa”, her three sisters
    Ana “the oldest sister like the mother”, the fifteen year old sister
    Francisca, Clara the twelve year old sister.

  2. lily ryan Says:

    Josefina learns a lesson. The story is about that Josefina
    learns how to sew, and she sewed a dresses and different kinds of
    clothing. Her grandfather gos away for a while then a storm comes Josefina hears the danger bell from the church. She got scared
    for Abuelito cause he was outside. She woke her sisters cause she needed help Josefina also woke Tia Dolores. Tia Dolores took them outside and Josefina was scared of something.
    You will have to read the book to find out what she was scared of


    Payton Berry
    I read Meet Kaya An American Girl.
    My favorite part was when every body was dancing in a circle. My favorite character was Kaya. My least favorite part was when Kaya was in the woods with the stick people. This book is about Indians and Kaya and her blind sister called Speaking Rain. Kaya and her pony Steps High race Fox Tail. I LOVED THIS BOOK.

  4. Tristan Says:

    I read On the Banks of Plum Creek. Laura, Pa, Ma, Carrie,and Mary go west. Some of my favorite parts were, that they were living in a dugout in the side of a hill. The floor was just dirt, but Ma was able to clean it up and make it a nice place to live. One day, a whole bunch of grasshoppers were flying in the air and they ate their crops. Laura has a “friend” named Nellie Oleson. Nellie is sort of mean because she is rich and she makes Laura feel sad and poor. But then Mr. Oleson is nice. He runs the store where Laura and her family buy their stuff. I like Laura’s family because they are a gentle family: they all stick up for each other and treat each other kindly. If I lived in Laura’s time, I would have fun for a short time but I would miss electronics.

  5. Lily Ryan Says:

    I read meet a Felicity.
    Its about how Felicity found a horse who didn’t have a name.
    Felicity named the horse Penny because her coat was just
    like the color of a penny.
    the owner of the horse “Jiggy Nye” he didn’t like Felicity going
    near Penny.
    You will have to read the book to find out what happens!

  6. coy smith Says:

    I read Meet Kaya. my favorite part about this book is when Kaya is in a race against another Native American. They had the race because the competitor just wanted to challenge Kaya to see whose horse was the fastest.My favorite character is Speaking Rain. My least favorite part is the Stick People because it wasn’t as interesting. I felt bad for Kaya when she got whipped by the Whipwoman because she didn’t look out for her two twin brothers.

    Now I am on BOOK TWO !!!!!!!!!!


    Payton Berry says:
    January 14, 2014
    I read Kaya’s Escape, Book 2
    It is about Kaya and Speaking Rain (her blind sister). They get taken by the Raiders and were slaves. Kaya met a boy,Two Hawks, who was also a slave for two years. The escape on stormy night. Kaya has to leave her sister behind.
    Please read this book to know the ending.

  8. Tristan Says:

    In this book wagon wheels Daddy Willie Johnny and little brother send off to Nicodemus Kansas where free land is. Mama had died on the way. In sted of houses there are dugouts. When. Spring came pa left to find better land. When he was gone Johnney smelt something they turnd around and the air was coverd in smoke. If you want to now what is going on and if they make it to pa READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lily Ryan Says:

    I read felicity learns a lesson.
    One day it was apple butter day Felicity had to get apples.
    The apples on the bottom were not as as good as the apples on the top. So Felicity climbed on top of the roof to get the apples on top.
    Then Felicity’s mom came out and saw her on the roof…
    You will have to read the book to find out what happens.

  10. payton berry Says:

    I read Addy’s Little Brother. It was about Addy’s family being together, Sam meting a boy named Daniel, and Addy getting mad at Sam because he was hanging out with Daniel. Then she realized they turned out as freinds. My favorite part was when Daniel went in the barn and tried tacking up the horses because it was kind of interesting. Daniel fell on the ground and the horse reared. It was a little bit dangerous.

  11. Payton Berry Says:

    By Payton

    I read High Hopes For Addy. It was about Addy making a kite for a kite flying contest. Her sister, Esther, accidently tripped over the kite and broke it, and Addy got mad. Then her and her dad made a new one. Addy and Harriet another student get accepted into the ICY, Institute for Colored Youth. Addy is poor but her family lets her go. ICY is a special school for kids that want to be teachers. You should read this book.

  12. Payton Berry Says:

    By Payton
    I read Good Sport Gwen abound a spelling bee and being a good sport. Gwen is a great soccer player and is on the blue spelling team. When the blue team loses, Gwen says we were terrible, our blue team stinks and stamps her foot. Then she thought nobody wanted to play with her or be on the next spelling bee team with her. She is embarrassed the way she acted. She feels bad and comes up with a game to practice the spelling words with her team. They lose the spelling bee, but Gwen says that’s OK, we will do better next time! You should read this book.

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