Book Responses for Sleepover

Fourth Graders, here is where you post your book responses for the sleepover.  I will read your message, send it back to you for a revision or two if necessary, and then it will be published on the blog for all to read.  Who will be the first??

26 Comments on “Book Responses for Sleepover”

  1. Chase Ormiston Says:

    I read The Spector Of The Magicians Museum for my scary/mystery book. This is is about a girl named Rose Rita and a boy named Lewis. They are in middle school and are in a talent show. They decide to do a magic act together. They ask Lewis’s uncle to help but he says no. They ask this other guy named Mr. Hardwick for some books. They find a scroll and Rose Rita cuts her finger on it. Her and Lewis go home and talk. Later Rose Rita starts acting so weird. They find this girl in the scroll named Bell Frisson. She is dead. Rose Rita wants to learn about her so she asks Mr. Hardwick if he goes to her grave. He says yes and that he will take her to her grave. Rose Rita is acting VERY strange. The next day she tells her mom that she is going to Lewis’s house to study at 4:00. A around 7:00 her mom calls Lewis and says Rose Rita has to go home and he says she is not there. They look for her but then Lewis thinks she is at the graveyard. They go and find some evadence that she is in the grave. If you want to find out if they can rescue her untill it is to late, You need to read The Spector Of The Magicians Museum.
    Chase Ormiston

  2. Chase Ormiston Says:

    I read With Love by Jane Goodall for my non-fiction. This is about lots of different chimpanzees. It is ten different stories. I learned that chimps like to eat bushpigs. My favorite story was the first one. But also the one where one chimp was hunting and a bushpig tried to eat him so another chimp came to rescue him. This book has awesome illustration. If you love chimps you need to read With Love.
    Chase Ormiston

  3. Ben Godomsky Says:

    I read the River by Gary Paulsen its the second book to hatchet.for my realistic fiction. 3 men come to Brian’s house he asked are you from the newspaper they said no not even close. They asked him if he wanted to go back to the wilderness. his mom, at first said no but then they finally convinced her so they got out to the woods and the first night they got eaten alive by mosquitoes the next day they found a shelter, fire and food. the next night there was a lightning storm. Derek the guy Brian was with got struck by lightning. read the book to find out if Derek survives.

  4. Marianna Colby Says:

    I read Poppy for my fantasy book by Avi and it is about a mouse named Poppy who lives in a fallen down house. There is also an owl named Mr. Ocax and he says that all creatures have to ask permission to go to certain places. One day Poppy and her boyfriend go to a hill before asking permission from Mr. Ocax. When Mr. Ocax finds out, he waits until the mice are in the open and then he swoops down and kills Poppy’s boyfriend but Poppy escapes. When she returns home, her family tells her about a place called the new house. Where she and her family lived it was hard to find food but the new house was full of food. Poppy and her father went to Mr. Ocax to ask permission to go to the new house but he said no because Poppy and her boyfriend went to the hill without permission. If you want to know if Poppy and her family get to go to the new house you have to read the book.

  5. Marianna Colby Says:

    I read The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins for my free choice book. It is about a girl named Katniss and she lives in a town called district twelve. Her family needs food so she has to hunt in the forest, which is illegal, to trade meat for items to eat. There is something called the Hunger Games and you need to kill people to survive. The reaping is when you get to know who gos to the Hunger Games. On the reaping her sister, Prim, is called for the Hunger Games. Katniss volunteers to take Prim’s place. The boy from district twelve to go to the Games is a blond boy named Peeta Millark. If you want to know what happens to them you have to read the book.

  6. Peyton Says:

    I read Septimus Heap: #5 Syren by Angie Sage for my free choice book. It’s about a wizard named Septimus and his sister, Jenna, who is a princess. Septimus flies on his dragon, Spit Fyre, to go pick Jenna, Nicko (His brother), and Beetle (his friend). On the way back, a lightning bolt takes Spit Fyre down. Nicko decided to stay on the ship, so he wasn’t stranded on an island with Beetle, Jenna, Septimus, and Spit Fyre (who is badly injured). While Beetle and Jenna are fishing one day, a girl named Syrah comes up to Septimus. Syrah is possessed, which means that when she is called to go back to the possessor, she has to go. If she sleeps too far away from the possessor, then she will not wake up. She says that the castle is in danger because there is a tunnel that leads to the castle and the tunnel is unsealed at both ends. Septimus agrees to come with Syrah to seal the door. But the possessor, Syren, has a plan for Septimus……
    If you want to find out if Septimus makes it out alive, then you have to read the book.
    P.S.: If you are planning to read the book, read books 1 – 4 first.

  7. Eleanor hoff Says:

    I read Escape from mr.lemoncello’s library. There is a new library opening up. You have to write a report on what you think will be at the new library. When one of the lucky twelve-year olds, Kyle Keeley, wakes up, they are locked into the library. The first person to get out will win the contest and basically become famous. To learn who gets out first, read Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s library. ( PS) I read this for my mystery.

  8. Eleanor hoff Says:

    I read seal child for my legend. A girl named Molly is vacationing when she finds a baby seal. She runs to Ruby, an old friend of hers. They go to the beach and see the fleshy, body of the skinned mother seal. Later in the month , Molly learns Ruby is taking care of a girl named Meara. Molly and Meara become best friends, but Meara is always saying strange things like, ” I miss the pups.” Another strange thing is Meara won’t go near the sea. If you want to learn the truth about Meara’s troubled past, read Sealchild to find out.

  9. Marianna Colby Says:

    I read Papa Gatto for my fairy tales and it is about a cat named Papa Gatto and his wife dies and he needs someone to tend to his house and kittens. Two sisters named Sophia and Beatrice live in a small cottage with their lazy mother and Sophia is like her mother, pretty to look at but lazy, and Beatrice is hard working. Papa Gatto hires Sophia to tend to his house and kittens. But it doesn’t go so well. When he got home, his house was messy and his kittens had had no attention. He scratched her and chased her away. Then Beatrice went to Papa Gatto’s house and when he got home, Papa Gatto saw that his house was clean and his kittens were happy.
    If you want to find out what happens, you have to read the book.

  10. Marianna Colby Says:

    I read Ape for my non-fiction book. It is about Orangutans, Chimps, Bonobo, and Gorilla. Orangutans swing from tree to tree with their babies. They use their strong, hairy arms and legs to climb with.
    Chimps live in gangs with their brothers, sisters, uncles, and cousins. They use blades of grass to get termites from their nests. They sometimes get into fights with other chimp gangs.
    Bonobos feast on figs while calling to their friends. They drop from trees and move quickly and quietly to find their friends.
    Gorillas chew on bamboo stems then sleep. They wake up, play with their babies, then sleep again. They wake up, eat, then sleep again. They mostly sleep.
    Then there’s humans. They hunt apes for food and pets. We sometimes are too smart.
    If you want to find out more about apes, you have to read the book.

  11. Caroline Says:

    I read adventures with the vikings for my non-fiction book. It is about the Binkertons, Josh Emma and their little sister Libby.
    They are walking home when a gust of wind blows them into the good times travel agency, just where Josh and Emma don’t want to be. But when Libby opens a book, all of them get sucked into the times of the Vikings. They vikings let them stay and they do things like the rest of the vikings, but they don’t expect to get separated on boats and tied up like prisoners. It’s up to the Binkertons to save them and the other prisoners. On every page there are facts about some things about the vikings here are some of them, the vikings have a small sleeping space for so many people so everyone gets crammed together except the leader who gets a room to himself. Some other facts are that vikings got most of there things from the men stealing things to sell to other vikings for food and better treasures. Vikings traveled quite a bit so they didn’t have a real home.

    Will the Binkertons be able to do it? Will they ever get home?

    Read the book to find out.

  12. Caroline Says:

    I read The Monster’s Ring for my scary story. It is about a boy named Russell. He was practicing his Frankenstein moan when Eddie, I mean boy, comes up to him. Russell starts to run and finds himself in a place he had never been before. When he
    spotted a magic shop. He loves magic so he decided to go inside. He starts to look around when the old owner of the shop gives him a ring in a case with the directions. It has a cool dragon panted on the front. When he walks out the door he finds himself right back where he started. When he got up to his room he slipped the ring on his finger and muttered the enchantment after turning the ring once. He turned into a monster! A few days later it is finally Halloween! He turned the ring twice and he was an even better monster! Then the small part of his monster side went crazy! He went into class rooms scary all the kids.

    Will he ever get back to normal?
    What will happen to him?

  13. Sophie Hanscom Says:

    I read The Thief of Always by Clive Barker for my scary book. It’s about a boy who hates the winter time and gets bored out of his mind during the winter. One dreadful day in February, though, a man shows up and wants to take him to a place where he’s told he’ll love. When he gets there he meets a boy named Windell, a girl named Lulu, and a chief named Mrs. Gryfinn. He gets a sneeking suspicion and he finnaly after many days ( more like years) he and Windell try to escape. When they do so Mrs. Gryfinn says that they should stop or a monster will come after them and eat them. But one day Windell and him try again and Mrs. Gryfinn was right. One of her cats named blue rescues them by showing the way outside the wall. When they go back to the holiday house Lulu turns into a fish and he trys to kill all the bad guys.

    If you want to know if he survives and or if he succeeds READ THE BOOK!!

  14. Caroline Says:

    I read twice upon a time sleeping beauty for my fairytale. It tells about the Prince growing up and about Princess Rose growing up. It was nice to know more about what happened before she pricked her finger for a hundred years and how the castle slept with her and how Sara went to sleep with her. It is also nice to now about the Prince. His mother is part ogre! And on the second and forth Tuesdays and Thursdays she feasts! She also hates beauty.

    Will the prince awaken Princess Rose? What will happen with his mother? Read the book to find out.

  15. Sophie Hanscom Says:

    I read Meet Addy for my Historical Fiction by Connie Porter. It’s about Addy and her family being slaves on a plantation and her mom and dad talk about running away one night when Addy wakes up. Her father wants to run away but her mother doesn’t because she thinks the war will be over soon and the slaves will all be free. Then, one day when Addy is serving Master Stevens and a guest, they start talking about selling Sam (her brother) and her dad! Once he sells them, Addy’s mother decides that they’re going to run away. But she and Addy can’t bring Esther, because she’s too heavy and she could cry out at any moment. So they leave Esther behind, and run away. Both of them dress in boy clothes so the dogs can’t track their scent as easily. When her mom starts drowning, Addy tries to save her (and she does.) Then Addy thinks she see’s the light in a white house where Miss. Caroline (who would help them to freedom) might be, but it wasn’t. So if you want to find out if they make it to freedom, READ THE BOOK!!

  16. Sophie Hanscom Says:

    I read Brian’s Winter for my Realistic Fiction by Gary Paulsen. It’s about this boy named Brian who gets stuck on an island that’s in an L shape. While he’s stuck there quite a few things that don’t happen everyday, happened. He saw wolves and they didn’t threaten him, a few wolves killed a doe deer and he went and took the rest. A skunk smelled the meat one night and Brian threw her some. She decided to live close to him, and he named it Betty!! Then one night a bear tipped the wall of his shelter that he had made out of the way and swiped at him with his paw, because he was between the bear and food, and when the bear picked him up Betty sprayed the bear and he left Brian alone after that. Then Brian went hunting for a moose, and he got one! It was a cow moose and he tried shooting her with an arrow, which only made her mad, and then he killed her with his killing lance! After that Brian made cloths out of animal skins, and spent time inside. One night Brian heard something that sounded like a gunshot and in the morning, sadly, he found out that it was trees exploding! Then he made himself snow shoes and decided to go outside in them because he hadn’t gone outside for a week. He stayed up all night and until early in the morning (at four o’ clock) making one, and then at nine o’ clock am he was up again and made the second one and in under an hour the second one was done. So then he tried to use them outside, but then came back inside and made some adjustments. Then he spent a whole entire day collecting a weeks amount of wood. Then the next day he went out to go hunting and he used an indent in the ground and he snuck up on a deer and shot it with an arrow right into the top of it’s heart. He brought it back to his house, only he used the buck’s fur for a sled and after he cut the deer into smaller pieces he decided to put them on the skin and he brought it back to the shelter on the fur. Next after that day was complete, he used the next day learning about the ways of the woods in winter. He followed a bull moose and then at some point, a wolf swiped the bull on the rear end and then another one did, then another, then another. It seemed like eight of them but he thought there were only four. He watched them kill the moose that had no antlers. After the moose had slowly died, Brain turned away and left. That night he heard something that sounded like a gunshot. He at first thought it was an exploding tree, but then remembered that it was too warm for that. So Brian went out and made a mental note to bring the bull moose into his house and then searched and he found tracks. There were no animal tracks except for one wolf track. But it was just smooth packed down snow for a track.

    So, did Brian find the sign of a person, or is it something else? If you want to find out you should: READ THE BOOK!!

  17. Celia Says:

    I read bearskin! It is about a boy that had been sent away by the king, because a very smart man that could read the stars said that the kings princess would grow up and marry him. The boy was the miller’s son and the king did not want her to marry him. the person that took the baby away put it in the river. A bear mom went to get a drink from the river. The mom could not have baby’s so she took the boy and helped it grow op. if you want to see if he marries the princess then you have to read the book.

    • Sophie Hanscom Says:

      I read Twice upon a time Rapunzel the one with all the hair for my fantasy book by Wendy Mass. It’s about a girl named Rapunzel and a boy named Prince Benjamin. Rapunzel’s parents promise the witch that she can have their child because her mother sent her husband out to the witch’s garden for a herb she suddenly craved. When her husband got it the witch could’ve killed him, but she didn’t. The witch decided now that Rapunzel was a maiden that she could whisk her away. So she knocked Rapunzel out and blind folded her so she couldn’t escape. When the blind fold was taken off Rapunzel she saw that she was in a tower and she had a temper tantrum because her “bed” was made out of straw and there was only a table, a chair, the “bed”, and her belongings she packed in the chest before the witch closed the lid. Prince Benjamin is in his kingdom amusing a child when his glasses fell off and were broken down the middle. So another child brought Prince Benjamin to his house and Prince called him Other Benjamin because his name was also Benjamin. Other Benjamin’s father fixed his glasses for him. Rapunzel finds out she’s being fed by a little green creature and she figures out that he was tricked into being the witch’s house keeper. He gave Rapunzel gift’s and one time actually got a tub for her with warm water! Rapunzel then sets him free. The witch then THROWS Rapunzel into a circle of bushes that have thorns on them! Prince Benjamin had visited her twice before and after the witch threw Rapunzel into the bushes Prince Benjamin finds Rapunzel!

      So if you want to find out if Rapunzel gets freed then,

  18. Sophie Hanscom Says:

    I read Twice upon a time Sleeping Beauty for my Fantasy book by Wendy Mass. It’s about a girl named Princess Rose and a boy named the Prince. Princess Rose was given nice gifts, and one curse all a few days after she was born. The curse was that once she got pricked by a spindle she would die at the first drop of blood. The curse was changed by one of the fairies to sleeping for a hundred years because she couldn’t make the curse go away, but at least she could help make it not so bad. Princess Rose, when she was two, held up a rose to her mom and her mom made her give it because she was afraid that it would even work with that! But it didn’t. The old fairy that had given the curse showed up one day when Princess Rose was fifteen, held up an hourglass and said “Tick tick.” Time was running out, but Princess Rose didn’t tell anyone. It happened when the family and Sara went to her father’s second cousin’s house and she wandered around and found a house with a sweet smelling aroma and she tried sewing and the lady gave her a spindle and said it would make it faster. When her parents and Sara ran in and shouted “No!”, she knew it was a spindle and she gave it to her mom but it was to late, a tiny drop of blood fell. Prince was a boy with an ogre mom who acted like one on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month. He finds out about Princess Rose and tries to get in to save her. In the process Percival finds out about it and tries to get in too, so he could be a hero.

    So, if you want to find out if the Prince gets her READ THE BOOK!

  19. Sophie Hanscom Says:

    I read Evangeline Mudd and the Golden-haired Apes of the Ikkinasti Jungle by David Elliot for my Adventure book. It’s about a woman and man who get married, have a baby, name her Evangeline, and raise her like a Golden hair! She brachiates very well with her hands,and can eat with her feet! Evangeline’s mother wants to have a child that can play piano well, so she gets a piano teacher named Madame Valentina Kloudiska! Soon she knows how to play every single song there is on the piano! But then her parents get the chance of the lifetime to go find a family of Golden-hairs, so they take it! They’re supposed to be back after ten days, and Evangeline counts down with the two meanest people she probably ever knew, her father’s second cousin and his wife! But then after months go by, she and Dr. Aprodite Pikkaflee decide that they’re going to try to rescue them! And, on top of that, Rexi, and EVIL man is trying to ruin the jungle! Can they make it, or will they fail?

    If you want to find out…………READ THE BOOK!

  20. Sophie Hanscom Says:

    I read The Never Girls a dandelion wish for my free choice book by Kiki Thorpe. It’s about four girls, Kate McCrady, Lainey Winters, Mia Vasquez, and Gabby Vasquez. Mia is forced to watch her little sister, so now she can’t visit Never Land through her fence! She tells Gabby to watch TV, and while she is, Mia sneaks out to go to Never Land! Once she’s there she try’s to find a fairy to talk to, and finds Rosetta! She takes the fairy to her house and tells Gabby that she’ll be up in her room. The little fairy absolutely LOVES Mia’s dollhouse, but then Gabby comes in with some questions, “I knew you were hiding a fairy! What are you guys playing? Can I play too?” Then Mia’s cat comes in and Mia and Gabby both end up colliding heads. Mia picks up her cat, grabs Gabby by one of her toy wings, and “Out of my room, both of you!” is what comes out of her mouth. Rosetta then try’s on all of Mia’s doll clothes, when suddenly Mia calls her friends because she can’t find Gabby. Gabby is stuck in the fairy’s world and it’s all Mia’s fault! But to make matters worse, Mia’s father closes the hole, and when they get it open again, the portal’s gone! Poor Gabby is stuck in the woods because she got lost in Never Land!

  21. Sophie Hanscom Says:

    I read Meet Marie-Grace for my Historical Fiction book by Sarah Masters Buckey. This book is about Marie-Grace a girl who has moved from place to place and ends up back in New Orleans which is where she was born. Everything, seems so weird to her at first, the food, the French words, everything! Sometimes Marie- Grace is happy like when her Uncle Luc takes her to a great parade that’s on Canal Street. Other times Marie-Grace is sad like when she meets a mean girl named Lavinia Halsworth. She also meets a very nice girl named Cecile Rey, who takes lessons with Mademoiselle Ocean, an opera singer. Marie-Grace Gardner then gets enrolled in St. Teresa’s Academy. At first she is a little scared but Marie-Grace thinks she will like it at the school. Marie- Grace once again has her doubts about school when she arrives and doesn’t understand the French words, and then sees that she and Lavinia are in the same class and becomes even more worried when she meets Sophronia, who isn’t the slightest bit nicer than Lavinia. Finally she learns about Mardi Gras which has a children ball where you dress up in costumes and dance in a room that’s full of other people and delicious treats. Marie-Grace gets an invitation and borrows a fairy costume from Mademoiselle Ocean. But something goes wrong! Cecile gets mad because she doesn’t get an invitation to the ball so she decides to get a costume that matches the one that Marie-Grace is wearing! Cecile explains a plan to Marie-Grace about switching places, and Marie-Grace agrees to it!

    So if you want to find out if their switch works, or if Livinia ever turns nice, then READ THE BOOK!

  22. Leah Kimball Says:

    I read Hugo Cabret for my Adventure book. It’s about a boy who lives by a train station. He goes into a store and takes out his notebook. The owner of the shop sees him take it out and thinks it’s the stores property and tells him he’s stealing. Which he is not. Hugo tells the boss it’s his and the boss doesn’t believe him. The boss takes notebook from Hugo and Hugo’s book. The book was a book that Hugo and his dad wrote in together. It’s all he has left to remember his dad by because his Dad is dead. Hugo meets a girl who is going to help him get his notebook back. To find out if he gets his book back you should read this book!

  23. Leah Kimball Says:

    I read Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!: The Story of the Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear (The Other Side of the Story)… by Nancy Loewen and Tatevik Avakyan as my fairy tale. The three bears eat porridge for breakfast. It’s too hot, and they go for a walk. While they are walking Goldilocks enter’s their house. This story is different than the original fairy tale. Goldilocks sits in Sams chair (baby bear) and breaks it. Then she gets hungry and eats his porridge. Before she went to bed she jumped on the bed and took selfie pictures of herself. Sam saw her! He said ” Please Let me in” and Goldilocks appologized for barging in his house. Sam says it’s ok and he wants them to become friends. They become good friends and swap cell phone numbers. Sam says to his parents please stop calling me baby bear. Please call me Sam. You should read this book to see if his parents stop calling him Baby Bear.

  24. Leah Kimball Says:

    For my Free Choice I read James and The Giant Peach. This is a great book. It’s about a boy who is raised by mean Aunts. James goes for a walk and gets crystals that are called magic alligator tongues. He plants them and a peach tree grows with a peach on it. Everyday the peach grows and grows big. One day it became SO big he told his Aunts about it. His Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker wanted to share it without James. The peach rolls and runs over them. James finds himself in the Peach. He meets many bug friends there. They have all kinds of adventures together. My favorite friend of his is the grasshopper. He sings. His friend the spider makes string for the seagulls to carry the peach across the ocean. To find out what happens you should really read this book!! It’s my favorite book by Roald Dahl.

  25. Eli Says:

    I read Top Wing by Matt Christopher for realistic fiction for the 4th grade library sleepover. The the main conflict is that Dana the main character’s neighbors house burns down pretty soon in the book. It is a sport book, so the soccer team that Dana and Belton, his neighbor who’s house burned down, play on and the only person who passes to him is Steve Rapids, who is the team captain. No one passes to him because Belton is spreading rumors about how Dana’s dad did a bad electron job on the house which caused the fire. I think that boys wold mostly like this book and if you want to find out who started the fire you should read this book.

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