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May 28, 2014

Today in Mrs. Keane’s library class, I asked the students to write a book review of a book they have LOVED in their time here at CPS. I was pleased with the results: here are some of them.

cardboard1CARDBOARD by Doug Tennapel
If you’re a person who likes action then this graphic novel is for you.

It’s Cam’s birthday and his dad is really poor and looking for money for a present. He went to his boss and his boss gave him 78 cents so he starts driving back to his house. But then he sees a stand on the side of the road and stops at it. It is selling toys. Then the store clerk gives him suggestions and he gives him a cardboard box, but what Cam’s dad doesn’t know that it is magical. So he buys it for 78 cents and drives to his house. And Cam loves it. They build a pro boxer and he names him Bill and that night he comes alive. But these stupid bullies spray Bill’s legs the next day. So they have to build a cardboard maker and make Bill new legs. Then the bullies steal it and they make evil Cardboard people and monsters. Can Cam and his dad get it back or will the town be overrun with these horrible creatures?


Inkheart_bookINKHEART by Cornelia Funke
When Meggie sees a mysterious stalker outside her bedroom, and Mo, her father, is kidnapped by mysterious men just for a book, she is caught in the story (literally) of her missing mother. An evil maniac, a white washed assassin, and a scarred fire-eater came to being and forced Meggie’s mother into it. To escape the clutches of the maniac Capricorn, Meggie must harness the magic that subdued her own mother to the paper prisons of the pages of Inkheart.


spiderwickTHE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES  by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

The Spiderwick Series is amazing. It brought me to a whole different world. The books are about three kids and their Mom living in an old house that has a circle of mushrooms around it to keep the trolls out from their house so they can’t get to the book that has every little secret about the secret life. The writing is more than descriptive. If you read the first book you would be amazed and you would most likely read the whole series. When I was reading it, it felt as though it was happening.


naturegirl200x305NATURE GIRL by Jane Kelley

Want to know a great book? Well here’s one, Nature Girl. If I had to put this book in one word it would be AMAZING! This book is about a girl who gets lost and travels part of the Appalachian Trail. She ran away from her sister, then realized she was just going to visit her friend, who couldn’t come with her for summer vacation because her mom has cancer. When I read this book, I tried to put it down about ten times, but I couldn’t, because I wanted to know how her adventure ended. Did she get eaten the bear? Did she get caught? Did she ever find her way to her friend’s house? This book taught me not to ever wander off because you might get lost.


holesHOLES by Louis Sachar

This book will leave you on the edge of your seat. This book is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. He’s accused of stealing a pair of shoes, but did he? You will have to read the book to find out. There’s also other exciting things going on all throughout the book. I think it’s an amazing novel and once you start reading it you won’t want to stop.Stanley also goes to a camp where he has to dig holes because they think he did something bad a.k.a steal the shoes.You should read this book – it won’t disappoint you, trust me.



This book is about a boy named Leo who sells newspapers. Leo is poor and he needs money for his family. Leo gets bullied by two kids named Fletch Skies and his “sidekick” Wilkie Barnes.But one day something happened that is considered an earthquake. Do you think he will survive or not? This book will leave you at the edge of your bed.


the new girlTHE NEW GIRL by Meg Cabot
This book made me feel better and not scared when I found out I was moving to a new school. This girl named Ali is moving to a new school and she is very nervous because in her old school she got bullied. This book gives you advice on moving to a new school. That is why I read it when I found out I was moving to a new school.
I read this whole series they are really good books. I could not let go I was so into it.

junie bJUNIE B. JONES, BOSS OF LUNCH by Barbara Park

This  is a hilarious book.

When Junie B. goes to lunch, with her lunch box from home, and everyone else has lunch from school, she sees a sugar cookie on her friend Herbert’s tray. When she takes a bite out of it, the cookie reminds her of the lady in kindergarten who used to bring cookies into her class. “Mrs. Gutzman”, yells Junie B., then she sees her in the kitchen. She runs into the kitchen and gives her a hug and goes on talking, What will happen when Junie B. goes in the kitchen? What will Mrs. Gutzman do? I read this whole series with my Mom when I was in second grade. It was really funny and Junie B. has a really good personality.



May 14, 2014

Ahhhh, “Learn Something New” day. This is one of my favorite special projects in Fifth Grade every year. The students are challenged to take home a non-fiction book that will teach them something, and then share it with the class. We’ve had everything from go-karts to fairy houses in the past. Here are a few standouts from Mrs. Keane’s class this year:

boywhoharnessedthewind_zunonWhen the students had finished sharing their learning, I read THE BOY WHO HARNESSED THE WIND, by William Kamkwamba.  This is the ultimate “learn something new” book!  It is the true story of a fourteen-year old boy living in drought ravaged Africa who learned how to make a windmill to bring electricity and running water to his poor village.  And how did he learn to make the windmill?  From a BOOK that he got at his LIBRARY!!  Hurray for creativity and determination.


March 30, 2014

Mrs. Bullen’s class has been working on puppet shows in library classes recently.  They wrote their own little plays, which happen to have a lot of singing in them.  I have found that kids really love to perform! Here are Shelby, Nadia, J-Lyn, and Brooklyn performing their show for the kindergartners:

Photo Mar 18, 12 27 38 PM





March 28, 2014

Third graders celebrated the wonderful AMERICAN GIRL book series with a tea party this past Wednesday. Each of the sixteen students attending the party read five American Girl or historical fiction books and wrote a book review. The party was the culmination of a lot of hard work, so we went all out and had music, special tea food, and fifth grade waiters and waitresses. Here are some pictures from the festive lunchtime party!

Adler serves tea to the girls.

Adler serves tea to the girls.


Janna seems interested in the tarts that Ava is offering!

Janna seems interested in the tarts that Ava is offering!


Even the boys dressed in their best for the party.

Even the boys dressed in their best for the party.


Maddie surveys the scene.

Maddie, a fifth grade waitress, surveys the scene.


Everyone made bookmarks with American Girl stickers after eating their lunch.

Everyone made bookmarks with American Girl stickers after eating their lunch.


March 13, 2014

It’s a week late, but here are some highlights from Crescent Park School’s 2014 READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY!  Many Dr.  Seuss books were read and celebrated in the individual classrooms during the school day, and then the entire school assembled in the gym at 1:45 to read silently together.  Before the reading started, though, the Fifth Graders presented a quick song and dance.  Mrs. Keane’s class, during library class,  took the words and tune of “Kung Fu Fighting” and turned it into “Kung Fu Reading”.  They invited students in the other two Fifth Grade classes to join them onstage, after giving up 4 recesses to practice.  Here are some of pictures of their exuberant delivery:


Everyone loved the kicking move

Everyone loved the kicking move

These kids loved being on stage!

These kids loved being on stage!

Utah dressed as the "lightning"

Utah dressed as the “lightning”

Here is a scene of the school “silently” reading in the gym:

Photo Mar 03, 2 15 07 PM

And at the end of a busy day, Bella proudly showed me her Dr. Seuss stuffies:

Photo Mar 03, 2 31 28 PM

Great way to end the day!

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Halloween

October 29, 2013

By the time we get to the end of October, I am usually pretty tired of reading spooky stories.  Today in Mrs. Lavoie’s third grade class, I decided to try something new and different.  I showed them ED EMBERLEY’S DRAWING BOOK OF HALLOWEEN

ed emberley

and told them if they followed the simple step-by-step directions, they could produce Halloween masterpieces!  If I could draw THIS:

Photo Oct 29, 2 40 10 PM

then I figure ANYONE can!

By the end of the class, everyone had completed a spooky picture using the simple instructions.

Photo Oct 29, 11 47 35 AM

Makenzie’s apple dolls

October 25, 2013

It is that time of year again, when I read THE APPLE DOLL by Elisa Kleven and the students all say they want the directions to make their own apple doll at home.  It’s a lot of work, but usually one student will show up a few weeks later with a doll.  This year, it was Makenzie in Mrs. Lee’s second grade class.  She made THREE dolls with her grandmother.  Imagine my surprise when she brought in this fancy box, untied the lid, and unveiled these creative masterpieces!

Mrs. DeCarolis’s class wrote a book!

June 4, 2013

Photo Jun 04, 10 07 40 AMHere is a picture of Mrs. DeCarolis and her first graders.  They wrote a book called THE ADVENTURE OF KANINE AND SPARKLES and had it published by a company  called “Student Treasures.”    The story is about a dog, a crab family, and the exciting rescue of a chihuahua.  The class very generously donated two copies to the CPS library, so you can check it out in the picture book section under “DEC” for “DeCarolis”!


April 12, 2013

This year I tried something new in Fifth Grade. For National Poetry Month, I had each fifth grader choose a poem that they liked: they used books or the internet to search for a good poem that “spoke” to them. Then each student performed in front of their classmates the next week in Library class. I had a few “judges” who helped me choose the top presenters in each class. Then those 18 students memorized their poems, continued to practice in Library classes (and sometimes in Music and Art, too) until the big day finally arrived….when they would present in front of the whole school.

Cameron started us off with her poem, "Influence."

Cameron started us off with her poem, “Influence.”

Carter brought his hockey stick to lend authenticity to his poem about his favorite sport.

Carter brought his hockey stick to lend authenticity to his poem about his favorite sport.

We had some jitters and lots of excitement. On Wednesday, after the all-school assembly to practice for the Spring Concert, my 18 wonderful presenters took the stage and wowed their audience. I was so proud of them! The poems ranged from serious poems by Robert Frost and Edna St. Vincent Millay to silly poems by Jack Prelutsky and, of course, Shel Silverstein. We even had poems about zombies and hockey. We will definitely do it again next year!

Here are the eighteen students, happy that they met their challenge.

Here are the eighteen students, happy that they met their challenge.

The American Girl Tea Party!

April 5, 2013

Eighteen third grade students and two fifth grade “waiters” enjoyed a tea party in the CPS Library this week, to celebrate the wonderful historical fiction books in the “American Girl” series.   Each student read at least five books and wrote  a short review for this blog to earn their “ticket” to the tea party.  It has been great fun to see all the excitement generated during the last few months, as students became truly engaged with their reading.

Many thanks to Kirsten Meader for help with planning, making food, and craft donation and inspiration;  Julie Hart and Shanta Hoff for food assistance;  and Amy Verrill and Renee Wakefield for loaning us their teasets.

Here are some pictures of the festivities (if you  click on a picture, it will enlarge it for you).

Fifth grader "waiter" Trey  serving dip.

Fifth grade “waiter” Trey serving dip.

Peyton and her doll.  Peyton didn't stop at 5 books:  she read over 100!

Peyton and her doll. Peyton didn’t stop at 5 books: she read over 100!

Have you ever seen the library set up like a restaurant?

Have you ever seen the library set up like a restaurant?

The students' dolls, patiently waiting for the eating to be over.

The students’ dolls, patiently waiting for the eating to be over.

Fifth grade waiter Max Godomsky serving students

Fifth grade waiter Max  serving students

Everyone made a little book with American Girl stickers.
Everyone made a little book with American Girl stickers.