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Lots of new picture books!

September 4, 2009

51nffd3N19L._SL160_AA115_A walk in New York by Salvatore Rubbino is a wonderful introduction to the sights of America’s biggest city. A boy and his dad spend the day walking around Manhattan, taking in all the famous landmarks from the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty. There are fun facts on each page; for instance, there are 88 miles of bookshelves inside the New York Public Library! The artwork has a nice “retro 60’s” feel. Check this out and then plan a trip; or just have fun reading about a different place.

219gzkscdFL._SL500_AA180_The girl in the Castle inside the Museum by Kate Bernheimer is a dreamy, other-worldly story about a little girl who lives in a castle on display in a museum. The artwork is breathtaking and unique, taking you inside this magical world.

url-2The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds is labeled “a story for all ages.” It is a fable about the journey of life, and the author encourages readers to consider slowing down and pondering, reflecting, and ultimately choosing their OWN path. A nice book for parent and child to read together and have a little philosophical chat about individuality.


The Missing Chick by Valeri Gorbachev

An amusing, adorably illustrated tale of Mother Hen on laundry day and the search all over the neighborhood for her missing chick. Where do you suppose he’ll be found?