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Do you love the “Amulet” series?

October 11, 2012

Recently, Amulet 5 arrived. About 30 students have been eagerly waiting.  Here is a picture of three fifth graders jumping up and down as I returned from the post office with the precious new book:

In case you haven’t heard of this series, here are the other four books :

Please leave me a comment if you are a fan of these adventure-filled graphic novels.  I think they are the most popular books in the library, so here’s your chance to weigh in!

Big Nate Strikes Again by Lincoln Peirce

October 26, 2010

I just read  the second installment in the Big Nate graphic novel series, and it is just as funny as the first one.  Nate Wright is a typical sixth-grade boy who has some good friends, a girl he likes, and a girl he DOESN’T like:  Gina.  She is the “teacher’s pet” who brags about her A+ average.  Nate just can’t seem to get away from Gina:  she sits behind him in class, he winds up with her on his fleeceball team,   (she has NO talent in the athletic department),   then he winds up with her as his science project partner!  In a humorous turn of events,  they both unexpectedly save the day for each other.  Check it out to see how it happens.

Lincoln Peirce is the creator of the comic strip Big Nate, which runs in 200 newspapers and has been around for 20 years.  He also lives in Portland, Maine!  How about that??

New Year, New Books…something for everybody!

January 4, 2010

Welcome back to school, everybody! The snow outside is beautiful! This is my favorite time of year because I can cross country ski and then come inside and read by the fire: two perfect activities! Here are some new books in the CPS Library for you to check out and enjoy:

The A-Z Mysteries is a very popular series, and I have just filled in some missing titles: Missing Mummy, Kidnapped King, Panda Puzzle, Talking T. Rex, Vampire’s Vacation, Zombie Zone, and Invisible Island. Join Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose as they continue to solve mysteries.

Babymouse Skater Girl, The Musical, and Dragonslayer are new to the library this month. If you are a fan of this graphic novel series, don’t miss these new titles.

Here’s a new action adventure series I just discovered: Andrew Lost. Andrew is a ten-year-old inventor who has a pocket robot named Thudd. Together they invent things like a shrinking machine and a time machine. Will Andrew, Thudd, and Judy (Andrew’s 13-year-old cousin) make it back from the time of the dinosaurs? from the beginning of the universe? How will they dodge dangerous creatures in the Australian rain forest when they have shrunk themselves to the size of bugs? An exciting new series that is similar to The Magic Tree House.

Horrible Harry is quite popular in the middle grades. I just purchased Horrible Harry and the Holidaze, Horrible Harry and the Triple Revenge, and Horrible Harry Bugs the three Bears. Don’t miss Harry’s highjinks.

THIEVES AND KINGS graphic novels

October 29, 2009

This is a student post by Matt in Mrs. Morin’s 5th grade glass.

Thieves and Kings!

It’s a great graphic novel series if you’re looking for  fun and adventurous books that are thick, have lots of reading, and lots of graphics. My opinion is the details, the drawing, the texture, the whole book, the author, and  the illustrator are brilliant !! The characters tell the story so well. This is about a boy named Rubel, a girl named Heath, a King, a dark witch, and lots of other characters; even an imp that helps Rubel in his journey.   In book one, Rubel was looking for love.  In book two, he got lost in a dream and has to help the witch to get out. Will he get out? You have to read the books. Book three just came out in Mrs. Raymond’s library.  I was the first one to read it.  In fact I’m still reading it so please read books 1 and 2 and then you can have book 3 when I’m done with it.


Heath, drawn by Matt, FREE HAND, NOT TRACED!!


Long-awaited sequel to Sticky Burr now available!

September 10, 2009

urlI am a huge fan of John Lechner’s graphic novel Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest, and I have been waiting a year for the sequel! Yeah!

Do you know what a burr is? If you’ve ever walked in an overgrown field and gotten little spiky round things stuck to your pant legs, those are burrs. They’re parts of a plant; seedcases that are rough and prickly. Now imagine a little village full of burrs that have different personalities: some are nice, some not so nice. Sticky Burr is one of the nice ones. He likes to paint and play his ukulele and he just wants everyone to get along.

In the first book, Adventures in Burrwood Forest, he saves the village from the wild dogs, with the help of his best friend Draffle, a dragonfly. In the brand new sequel, The Prickly Peril, the spotlight is on Burrwood Forest’s bad guy, Scurvy Burr. Sticky Burr has decided to have a fall Harvest Fair, which Scurvy Burr and his sidekick Spiny Burr think is not a very “prickly”, burr-like thing to do. To stop the fair, they must travel to Spooky Glen to get some help from the evil Burweena. Can they stop the Harvest Fair? Can Sticky Burr triumph again over the bad guys? I think you will really enjoy this slightly spooky, humorous adventure about a very loveable burr.

New Graphic Novels!

August 22, 2009

Following last year’s explosion of interest in graphic novels such as the BONE series, Bumperboy, Sticky Burr, and Johnny Boo, I have done some research and found some new titles that I hope will be high quality AND popular with CPS students. Included in the new titles are Despereaux, Jellaby: Monster in the City, Artemis Fowl, Point Blank, and Stormbreaker.  You may notice that all of these titles (except Jellaby) are also novels.  Check out the graphic versions of these favorites and see which format you prefer!