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Have you ever written to an author?

March 30, 2012

Trey, a very creative fourth grader in Mrs. Jerome’s class who we’ve heard from before (!!!), had an interesting story to tell me today:

“I was making origami Darth Papers and origami Yodas, and I decided I wanted to make an origami creation of my own. It wasn’t really hard once I started it. I wanted it to be Hans Solo, but it turned out to be Anakin. Tom Angleberger, the author of the book ORIGAMI YODA and DARTH PAPER STRIKES BACK, was one of my favorite authors so I decided to show him. I mailed him the origami Anakin and wrote him a letter. Every day I would beg Mom to go to the post office on the way in to school to see if my letter had come. I was getting tired of waiting, and was deciding to give up, when my Mom tucked a card in my hand when I first woke up this morning and I found out it was already open. Inside, I saw Tom’s letter along with two stickers and a temporary tattoo. I felt really excited that a famous author had written to me. I shared it with my classmates after recess. Everyone really loved it and wished they had an author’s signature of their own.”

Awesome!  I love it when kids are so connected to a book that they will write a letter to the author, AND I’m glad that Tom Angleberger was kind enough to write back.

Blake is writing a book!

March 16, 2012

Blake, a fifth grader in Mrs. Conrad’s class, told me about a book he is writing. Here’s what he said about it:
“This book is about a 15-year old boy named Cody Gray. One day he visits his mother’s grave, Emma Gray. But he stumbles on the boogey man’s grave and gets magical powers. Feel free to ask me stuff about my book! Tristen is going to help me.”

Sounds interesting! We’ll check in with him in a few weeks and see how it’s coming.

The Hunting and Hiding Book by Seth

December 15, 2010

Mrs. Clarke brought me this story written by one of her Title I students.  Seth is a second grader in Mrs. DeLallo’s   class.

Hunter and I went hunting.  Hunter and I drove the six-wheeler.

First we went in the woods behind our house.

Then we shot a buck with a bow and arrow.

We put the deer in the six-wheeler.  Then we drove to our house.

We dropped off the deer and went to the field.

We trapped a raccoon.  Then we shot it with a bow and arrow.

We put him in the back of the six-wheeler and went duck hunting.

We used a duck call and a duck came.

We shot him with a bow and arrow.

We drove home and we ate him for dinner!

THE PINBALLS by Betsy Byars

December 6, 2010

I have just finished reading THE PINBALLS by Betsy Byars in all three of my fifth grade classes.  It is a realistic  story about three children, who each  have their own “issues”,  coming together at the same foster family.  We have all enjoyed the emotional ups and downs of watching Carlie, Thomas J., and Harvey bond into a family.

FIFTH GRADERS who have been listening to this story all fall:  write me a comment telling me your thoughts about the book…where do you think the three children will end up in ten years?  Will they be successful adults?  Will they still be “pinballs” or will they be trying to put their lives together?  Who was your favorite character, and why?  (You don’t have to answer all these questions; they are just to get your creative juices flowing!)  I will make one of Carlie’s famous mayonnaise cakes for the class with the most comments!

Fancy Pants World Two by Blake

April 2, 2010

Here’s a story written by a third grader named Blake,  one of Mrs. Clarke’s Title I students.  Blake wanted to share this story with the CPS community, so here it is.

FANCY PANTS WORLD TWO written and illustrated by Blake

Fancy Pants just got the snail shell in the hole.  The mayor gave him an ice cream because he was the only one who got the shell in the hole.

Then a rabbit came out and stole the ice cream.  Fancy Pants jumped in the hole to get his ice cream back.

Then Fancy Pants followed the rabbit.  Now they were both in the hole.  Spiders were everywhere!!!  Fancy Pants just kept jumping on them.  You had to just watch out for the mice.  They had bazookas!!!

Next, Fancy Pants got the ice cream back from the rabbit.  Then he ran back to the hole.

Fancy Pants jumped out of the hole and ate the icecream.

The bunny never came out of the hole again because he was scared of Fancy Pants!

(p.s. I just want you to know that this is only a computer game.  Fancy Pants is the main character.  He is a guy with orange pants and he is cool!) THE END

Karen in the Woods by Abby

March 18, 2010

Here’s a great story written by a third grader in Ms. Lavoie’s class:


One day, Karen sat on a log in the woods by the fence of her sister’s farm.  She was tired anyways from walking in the woods for a mile.

Karen cut her shin on a sharp piece of metal.  On the fence in front of her it said, “DO NOT ENTER!”  Underneath the sign, Karen found a piece of paper under a rock.  The code to open the gate to Pamela’s farm was on the paper.  The code was #823519.

Karen is a detective.  She is in the woods because she is on the way to her sister’s farm.  Karen is on her way to the farm because suspicious things have been happening to her sister, Pam.   Pam called Karen to investigate a ghost horse and shadows in the house that are moving around.  Also, the back door is opening and closing on its own.  The hinges are so rusty they squeak.  Karen will be at the farm for a month.

To solve the mysteries, she worked hard.  First, Karen discovers that the ghost horse is running on batteries.  I know what you are thinking, “How did the horse glow in the dark?”  The horse is lit up by an invisible glow in the dark light.  When the horse is running, the light follows it around! A man named Davy Crockett made the ghost horse because he was trying to scare Pam and her family off of the property so he could have the farm.  Next, Karen finds out about the door opening and closing on its own.  The hinges are squeaking because theey are rusty.  The wind is causing the door to open and close.  Last, Karen discovers what the shadows are in the house.  They are Pam’s 15 dogs and 2 cats.  Now all of the mysteries are solved so Karen can go home.  She can relax until another mystery pops up!

Tabby writes a song about her unicorn

January 15, 2010

Here is Tabby’s “Horny the Unicorn” song.  If you have forgotten about Tabby’s unicorn story, check it out under “Student Writing”.

The Me and Horny Theme Song

Written, Sung and  Illustrated by Tabby

When me and Horny met,  Oh! Oh! Oh!

We had fun.  Oh, yes we did. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I smile a lot when I see my unicorn, Horny. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I laugh when Horny makes a funny face. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Without Horny, then my life wouldn’t be complete. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I now know Horny and Horny knows me. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Snow poems by Mrs. Jerome’s 4th graders

December 17, 2009

Here are some poems about snow by fourth graders in Mrs. Jerome’s class.

SNOW by Marta

Snow is inspiring and delicate

When I see the flakes whirl and twirl

I just want to go and dance the way they do.



Opalescent (white)


SNOW by Matthew

When I’m out playing in the fluffy sticky snow

it’s almost as if the snow flakes are playing with me.
The way the snow blows in my face is almost like

a sweet summer breeze on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

When I walk on the snow it feels like I’m  walking on a cloud.

The Cowboy Cookie: a poem by third grade writers

December 10, 2009

Mrs. Stevens’ third grade reading group (Colby, Nikki, Selina, and Tim) read a story about a cook on a chuckwagon.  They learned that the cook has a lot of duties.  After reading the story, they wrote this poem which they would like to share with CPS readers!

The Cowboy Cookie

We know a man named Jeff,
And he is a “Cookie” chef.

Cookie wakes up at three AM,
And goes to sleep by eight PM.

Cookie helps with snake bites,
And sometimes he breaks up fights.

He makes three meals a day,
And he does it the right way,
So, please, stay out of his way!

Cookie helps out other cowboys
By cutting hair and by sharing their joys.

He carries supplies in a chuck wagon
And he is their doctor when they’re draggin’.

Cookie is nice to you when you are nice to him,
When Cookie is around don’t start any fights on a whim!

Cookie is old
And sometimes sees mold!
Cookie works when it’s hot or cold!

Written by Tim, Colby, Nikki and Selina

Fifth grade creative writing

December 8, 2009

Mrs. Verrill brought this example of descriptive writing to me this morning. Caitlin is a fifth grader who is working on making her writing more interesting.

Breezing, strong and cold like an Alaskan wind, the trees are being knocked down one by one. All of a sudden an odd green truck comes down the windy, long trail of dirt. Crack! Crack! There goes the biggest tree by the littlest wind, landing right in front of the man in the odd green truck. Almost tipping over, the truck screeches to a stop!