Damaged/Lost book policy

What happens if you lose your book? Leave it out in the rain? Your dog chews it to pieces? These things happen ALL THE TIME. Of course it would be nice if they didn’t. It would be nice if everyone kept their books out of the reach of babies and dogs, safely in a spot that would allow them to read the books and share them with their family and return them to the library in excellent condition. But accidents do happen, and when they do, just be honest and tell me about it. I will not be mad at you, I will just ask you to take a note home requesting payment for the book so I can replace it.


Sometimes students think that all the books in the library are in great condition, and they get confused when they take a book home that has a torn page, scribbling in it, or the pages fall right out when they open it. I know that some books have been read so many times that they aren’t in perfect shape anymore. Don’t worry about this. You will not have to pay for a book that broke just because it was old and well-read. There is a big difference between a book that breaks because it’s been read 40 times and a book that breaks because it was shoved into a backpack that didn’t have enough room for it. I think you can all figure out that difference. Try hard to be good to your books (ALL your books, not just library books!) and don’t be afraid to tell the truth if you ever DO have an accident. We’re all human.

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