Are Graphic Novels real books?

I resisted buying graphic novels for awhile; I wasn’t sure the community would see them as “real books”. “Why are you spending taxpayers’ money on comic books?” was the comment I expected to hear. I bought a few very “tame” titles, such as Owly, Sticky Burr, and Baby Mouse. Then last September, after much research, I bought the BONE series. WOW! That’s all I can say about Bone. I saw boys in 5th grade who had never visited the library except during scheduled library classes become hooked overnight. “I need book 2….reserve book 3 for me…it’s not in? Who has it? Go get it back for me.” These are the comments I heard. Then they started trickling down to younger brothers in grades 3 and 4, and I had a full-scale phenomenon on my hands. It was a full-time job trying to manage the reserve lists. There were even heated arguments and tears. It’s never good to have tears, but it IS gratifying to see kids (especially reluctant boy readers) getting passionate about books! I also saw half a dozen third graders go from hating reading to loving it because of graphic novels. So I realized that there is something to this new format of books, and that they ARE real books and there is a place for them in an elementary school library. I will still research my titles to make sure they are age-appropriate, as many graphic novels are aimed at an older audience, but graphic novels have won a place on my library shelves

For a really informative article on graphic novels from Horn Book magazine, click here.

8 Comments on “Are Graphic Novels real books?”

  1. regan Says:

    sav faishon kitty 2 for me plzzzzzzzz

  2. matt Says:

    bone ,owly , thieves and kings ,
    all graphic novels are awesome value !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thieves and kings my fav.!!!!
    you rock mrs.raymond i am on bone 7
    when will you get kings and thieves 3# ?

  3. avry Says:

    i love sticky burr and bone.they are my favorite graphic novels.i want to read bumper boy. i am just starting to get into reading them.

  4. Mia S. Says:

    Graphic novels are not easy readers, but it takes me longer to read them because I have to look at the words and pictures. I just read American Born Chinese (a book my mom teaches to 9th grade). It is cool because it challenges me to think, but it is still so fun to read.

  5. Tanner Says:

    I love Bone! I read one book and I couldn’t stop reading them. I finally finished the series and I read the series again. Now I’m bored. Take my advice read them slowly and enjoy!

  6. Mia Says:

    Yes, I think graphic novels are real books. I also think that graphic novels are a good in between book if you don’t want to read a big chapter book and you’re too old to read a picture book. I think graphic novels rock! One of my all time favorites is “Rapunzels Revenge”.

  7. headl Says:

    You are right about kids latching on to these books. I have never seen my son so excited to come home from school and crack open a book. He couldn’t wait for the next one, and the next one and….

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