Library without books?

Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts is the first library to go totally digital, I learned today. They have donated their books to local schools and public libraries, opting to utilize technology via electronic readers, flatscreen tvs for the internet, etc.  It is supposedly a model for the 21st century.  I understand that the focus in a secondary school  is on research, with less time for pleasure reading.  But I personally have a few reservations about a library without books.  Obviously I am a fan of technology or I wouldn’t be “blogging”, yet I would have a hard time giving up the tactile experience of browsing, holding, and reading actual books.  I guess I’m  old fashioned; I prefer to have the emphasis on books in the libraries I frequent.  If you’d like to read more about Cushing’s new “learning center”, click here.

6 Comments on “Library without books?”

  1. Luke Hayward Says:

    it would not even be a libary without books.

  2. Maddox Says:

    Mrs. R and Luke, I agree with both of you, without books, I wouldn’t be able to come in after I am done with my work and help you. Lucky for me, I won’t be in elementary school while the books are gone, I will either be in heaven or in an old rocking chair about to die.

  3. Mia Says:

    I agree with all three of you. It’s library don’t libraries remind you of books not technology. I think a library without books would feel like ate lab or just a study space not a library.

  4. Caroline Newell Says:

    It wouldn’t feel right. If you read an book on the computer your staring at a screen, but if your reading a book that is paperback/hard cover you are not staring into a screen. In my opinion, paperback/hard covers are the best. You can picture what is happening better. Also you can read them anytime you want. With the computer you may not be able to use it all the time. That is amazing tho.

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