Student Stories about Woodwise

Note:  These stories are inspired by the wonderful artistic piece donated to CPS by Gideon Dorman.

The Woodsman by Dominique

Today was like no other.  I was climbing my tree when I felt tired, so I stopped to take a rest.  When I woke up I saw a face in the tree!  I just sat and glanced.  With a gasp, and in a whisper, I said,

“Wh….who are you?!”

The Tree said “I’m the Woodsman.  You never noticed, but I watch you every day.”

“How did you learn to talk?” I asked.

“Some fairies playing at my roots spilled dust and said the spell to make things talk, so here I am,” it said.

My great thoughts put a smile on my face.  Then, all my thoughts turned to the worst.

“Oh, no!  A woodcutter comes later!  You need to stop them!”

Woodsman told me he’s safe.  The woodcutter came.

“Dad, this is a special tree!  you can’t cut it down!” I screamed.

“He is right,” said Woodsman.  “I’m very special indeed.  Please, sir, let me stick around and be this boy’s friend.  He has no friend in the world.  I could also help reach heights.”

“If…if…if you put it that way….I’ll cancel and you can stay,” my father said in the most surprised voice ever!

“YEA!!!!!” the Woodsman and I said together.

Then we all lived happily together, even when I was 55 years old.

Woodwise by Maddox

Woodwise was once a very normal person just like you and me.  He was taking a stroll in the woods one sunny day.  He unwrapped a candy bar and threw the wrapper on the ground.  All of a sudden, it got very dark.  A storm cloud got heavy and sank to the ground.  It opened up and out stepped a very annoyed looking Mother Nature.  “Why did you litter on my land, you beast?”

“I-I-I-I-didn’t-” stammered Woodwise.

“ENOUGH!”  shouted Mother Nature.  “You will pay the price!  You shall stay here as a slave for one whole year!”  Her tone softened.  “Unless you would like to stay longer.  You will also have to wear a disguise so that no one will think that anything is suspicious.”

Woodwise stayed for a whole 364 days.  he looked like a tree.  on the last day of his punishment, he decided to sit down and rest for a little while.

In her tree, Mother Nature was watching Woodwise, in her glass ball, taking a little rest.  She got as mad as a bull when he sees red and almost tore out her leafy hair.   She ran down the stairs and almost tripped over Woodwise coming in.

“Why were you sleeping on the job?!”

“I was tired,” said Woodwise.

“You will pay!  It is not enough to stay for a year, but it is enough for a beating and one extra day.”

Woodwise was astonished.  He had never thought of Mother Nature being this mean.  He stayed for the extra day and fell asleep on the last couple hours of the day.  Once again, Mother Nature almost tripped over Woodwise coming in.  She had gotten so mad that time, that she showed Woodwise how mad she was.  She raised her wand and froze Woodwise.

Since Woodwise’s encounter with Mother Nature, he is in Mrs. Raymond’s library, frozen the way Mother Nature froze him.  If you look closely, you can see Woodwise’s scars and bruises from Mother Nature beating him.

Pre the Tree by Julia

Pre the Tree is a very nice tree.  When people come to the forest he stands like a tree.  But when someone is hurting the forest, Pre will do stuff like make scary noises or make crackling noises with his branches to make them leave the forest alone.  When the people leave, he will play with the animals.  But Pre the Tree is always aware of his forest.  In the cold and harsh winters, Pre lets animals like squirrels and raccoons make holes in him to keep warm.  In the summer he lets birds make nests in his branches.  And once Pre gets people out of the forest he shouts “I AM THE PROTECTOR OF THE FOREST!”  Then he plays with the animals.

Moss Asleep by Lilo

Long ago in a big forest, there was a man.  The man was named Jon.  Jon loved taking walks in the forest.  One day, Jon was taking a walk.  A witch was watching him from behind a tree.  The witch’s name was Wanda.  Wanda wanted to try out her spell before she did it on her mean older brother Nick.  Wanda never liked Nick.  He got all the magic tools first, and by the time they got to Wanda they were all broken.  So Wanda had to teach herself magic with sticks and stones.  It was very hard.  She now disliked Nick so much she was going to put Nick in a sleep that would last him until he died!

Meanwhile, Jon saw a nice looking patch of moss.  Jon decided to take a nap.  Just as Wanda had planned, he went to sleep.  She crept out from behind the tree and was about to cast her spells when she heard someone coming.  She was afraid they would find out, so she quickly cast her spells.  But since she was in a hurry, her aim wasn’t good! The sleeping spell hit the moss, and the nature growing spell hit Jon!  Jon fell into a deep sleep.   When Jon woke up he felt very weird.  Then he saw what had happened.  He had turned into a tree.  He was so shocked he screamed.  Then he realized that he just LOOKED like a tree, but he wasn’t TOTALLY a tree. Jon didn’t know this, but he had slept for two whole days!

It was already getting dark, so Jon went to sleep.  The next day he awoke to the sound of a chainsaw.  He opened his eyes.  A man was cutting him down.  Before he could stop himself Jon shouted, “GET AWAY FROM ME!”  Jon scared the pants off the man.  The man ran away.

Eventually Jon the tree realized he would be a tree for a long time.  He thought he should be hungry by now, but he wasn’t.  Then he remembered that trees don’t eat salad and juice!  Trees drink water from their roots.  They also eat sunlight with their leaves.  So he started stumbling around on his roots.  After some grunting and pulling, Jon got the hang of walking as a tree.  He decided to go to the young sorcerer’s house; maybe he could change Jon back into a man.  After Jon had walked a little while he came to a clearing.  There were some children playing hide-and-seek in some bushes.  There were no trees.  He didn’t want any of the children to see him, so he tried blending in.  But he was the only tree there so he was hard NOT to see.  So when the children turned around and saw a tree with a face on it, they were shocked.  The smartest child thought for a little and then said, “Hello, my name is Zoe. “  Jon totally forgot he was in disguise and said “hi” back.  By then the smart kid knew this thing was half tree/ half man.  Zoe wanted this tree-man thing to tell her a lot more about himself.

Zoe asked Jon, “Why do you look like a tree?”

“Wwwwwwwhat?  Oh.  You weren’t supposed to know I could talk.  Well,                 now you do.  And anyway, I don’t know why I look like this,”  replied Jon.

“Oh,” said Zoe.  “Want to play?”

“I don’t think I could play hide-and-seek with you because you would always find me.”

“Oh, yeah.  Can we climb in your branches?” asked Zoe.

“Sure,” said Jon.  They played until it got very dark and the children had to go home.  After they left,  Jon remembered why he came to this clearing in the first place.  Jon decided he wanted to be a tree until he died.  That is why many people who live in that town in Virginia know “Jon the talking, walking tree”.


The Angel and Woodwise by McKinley

Woodwise loved the Nature Angel that came out to take care of the animals.  One night, Woodwise told God all about his love for the Angel.  So Woodwise went home for sleep and then ten weeks later Woodwise saw the Angel in a beautiful white wedding dress with a whole big bouquet in her hand with roses, dandelions, and black-eyed Susans.  He looked at his body.   There was a tuxedo that had a beautiful red ribbon.  Then they got married and two years after the Nature Angel had ten kids named Alice, John, Elizabeth, and other names.  Woodwise and the Nature Angel always had fun together.

Check out this story by Brooke!

That’s what I call a) tiny, excellent handwriting and b)an inventive way of writing a story!  Since you won’t be able to read the tiny handwriting in the picture, I will type the story for you.


Once, there were a few twigs, moss, and bark all in a clump in a forest.  Then, one day (May 15 to be exact), suddently there was a strong wind.  It blew the clump of twigs, moss and bark into a creature:  a wooden creature.  The wind mixed and formed into a man.  A piece of metal flew in the air, hitting the creature right where the face was supposed to be.  It formed a man’s face.  Now the wood creature had a face.

Many years later, a young  boy with brown hair named Joe got lost in the forest where WOODWISE, the creature, was lying in the leaves.  Joe was taking wrong turns and at the 32nd turn the boy saw the creature and picked him up.  “Who are you?” he asked.  The boy was shocked.  The creature slowly moved his arms and legs (branches).  He walked.  He ran faster and faster until he passed Joe.  Then he stopped. “Please stop,” WOODWISE said lowly, not even out of breath.  The boy stopped.  “You can run, talk, what else?”

“Let’s find out,” WOODWISE said grumpily.  The boy turned again and again, trying to get home.  “Why are you following me?” the boy asked WOODWISE.

“I want to know where you’re going.”

“I’m lost.  I want to go home.  I want to go home,” the boy practically cried.

“Where do you live?”  WOODWISE asked.

“Redwood Ave., Frankfurt, Kentucky,” the boy said.

“So you live in the capital?” “Yah.”  The boy was wiping off tears.  “I know where that is,”  WOODWISE said.

“You do?”

“Want me to show you where it is?”

“Yes, yes, please, WOODWISE, show me!”  the boy begged.

“Okay.  I will.”

Woodwise was old and when he was formed he learned where and every way to get to any state, country, continent, city, town, township, county, country, or capital there is.  He was old, 98, and very wise.  That’s why he made his name up.  WOODWISE was showing the boy home to his house.  About an hour later, WOODWISE was just leading the Joe out of the forest when a bear sprang out of nowhere and tried to attack Joe.  WOODWISE yelled, “GO HOME!  I’ll fight him!”  Joe ran for help.  WOODWISE was all scratched up at the end of the fight.  The bear ran off.  Then Joe’s dad shot very close to the bear, barely misisng him.  After the bear was gone, Joe ran to pick up WOODWISE.  He ran home and got a sander to smooth out the scratches and the whole wood.  Joe’s mom and dad came into the house and told Joe to throw out the wood.

“But he saved me,” Joe remarked.

“Yah, I did,” WOODWISE said in his low voice.

“He can talk?”  Joe’s parents asked together.

“And run and walk.  He’s smart, too,” Joe concluded.  “So can we help him?”

“Of course we can,” his mother said, smiling.  Joe’s dad said, “If he saved our son’s life from a bear, I’m pretty sure we’re going to keep WOODWISE.”

Now WOODWISE had a home.  But his throat was dry.  “I’m in need for water,” WOODWISE coughed.  Quickly dad ran to the faucet for a cup of water.  But dad didn’t get there in time.  WOODWISE plopped to the ground, coughing.  Dad gave him water and more water until WOODWISE got up.  “I think I was dehydrated,” WOODWISE said.  And dad and Joe made a bed for WOODWISE and mama made a quilt.  From that day on, Joe fed WOODWISE.  And WOODWISE lived with Joe and his family from that day and on.  THE END.

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  1. mckinley Says:

    i loved the picture that i did

  2. Emma Says:

    Mckinley that is a really good picture. i like the the title. i like the girls dress. it is so cool.

  3. Colby Says:

    I love this rock McKinley.:)!!!!!!!

  4. jacob Says:

    so Mckinley Woodwise get’s married to a
    girl? it really is a good story.

  5. Love your site, man. keep up the good work.

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