Here’s your opportunity to give me your ideas about books you might want to have in the library.  I am always open to suggestions!  Leave me a comment if there’s something you wish you could read that you can’t find in the CPS library!

19 Comments on “Suggestions?”

  1. Drew Says:


    I think you should get some more murder run for your life books! Those are my favorites. Do you have any?

  2. Mallory Says:

    It is Mal here i am just suggesting for kids to check out the first book of the Akiko series. it is about a girl named Akiko that gets a letter from a secret person and she goes on an adventure but i don’t want to tell you so you should go and read that book it is sososososososos gggggoooooooooooddddddddd!!!!!

  3. My suggestion is to add a link to my wordpress from yours. 🙂

  4. jerome head Says:

    i think you should get goosebumps horrorland 9 welcome to camp slither

  5. shifrins Says:

    Mrs. Raymond, I think that you should buy The Cat in Number Land. It’s a math magical book that makes math fun.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Mia, I have tried to buy that book and it is out of print. I will keep hunting for it, though, on used book sites.

      And I LOVE your Pippi picture in your gravatar!
      Mrs. Raymond

  6. shifrins Says:

    Mrs. Raymond ,
    I think You should get Each Little Bird That Sings. It’s very sad and has a lot death, but it’s a good book.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Mia, I agree with you that EACH LITTLE BIRD THAT SINGS is a sad but wonderful book. We have it in the CPS Library, shelved in the “w” section of fiction for its author, Deborah Wiles.

  7. mia Says:

    Mrs. Raymond,
    I really think that you should look at The Pigman by Paul Zindle. It’s about these two teenagers who make some bad decisions,but it has a really good message. I don’t really know if this book would be appropriate because it might not be.

  8. mia Says:

    Mrs. Raymond did you know that there is a new Sharon Creech book coming out and it is called “The Great Unexpected” also it is released on September 9, 2012.
    even though I will not be at
    crescent Park when the book comes out I do hope that other kids will read it!

    • cpslibrary Says:

      I’ll be buying the new Sharon Creech book, for sure! You can always stop in and take it out, Mia, even when you’ve moved on to Middle School. It will always be “your” library.
      Mrs. R

  9. Mia Says:

    Mrs. Raymond,
    My brother is reading a book called “Chiti-Chiti Bang-Bang” and it’s by Frank control Boyce. Chiti-Chiti Bang-Bang is about a family who buys th car and then decides to go on a holiday but they do not go to where they want to go instead the car takes them all over the world looking for it’s long lost car parts. This book is SO funny Eli thinks it’s the best book ever.

  10. Mia Says:

    Mrs. Raymond,
    I just found a picture book about Salva’s story! I think you might already have it, but if you don’t you should look at it it’s called “Just Add Water”.

  11. Mia Says:

    Hi Mrs. Raymond,
    I just finished two really good books. Here they are, “Liar and Spy” By Rebecca Stead and Simon’s Dream part of the Fog Mound books. They’re really good I hope other people will think so too!

  12. Mia Says:

    I have a blog post idea ! what if you put a challenge on your blog for kids to read every book by one of there favorite authors, not right in a row though. I thought of this on Friday when I ordered a book by Sharon Creech, I was convinced that it was the last book I needed to read before I had read all the books by Sharon Creech. Only to receive it and find out that it was a childrens book.
    I miss the library SO much !!!

  13. Mia Says:

    I was just at Longfellow books this weekend and I saw some books that the library might enjoy, here they are ! “The Fire Chronicle” by John Stephens, the guy who wrote the Emerald Atlas. “Starry by The Riverside” and “Dumpling Days” by Grace Lin. ‘The City of Ember” graphic novel and a cool book I found called “Made You Look”. I think that all these books would be a great addition to the library.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Thank you for the recommendations. You probably carry a little notebook with you when you go to bookstores, just like I do…a true book lover!! I will check out your titles.
      Mrs. R

  14. Caroline Newell Says:

    Mrs. Raymond, you should get(if you don’t already have) the Maximum Ride series! It is really good!

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