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Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

September 3, 2009

url-1You may have seen your parents reading this book. It is the exciting and inspiring true story of a man who has dedicated his life to promoting peace through education.  Now there are two children’s versions of the worldwide bestseller: the CPS library has the picture book (Listen to the Wind) and this Young Reader’s Edition.  Read it and find out what the rest of the world is talking about!

When mountaineer Greg Mortenson got lost in the Pakistani mountains after a failed attempt at climbing K2, he was rescued by the villagers in the poor village of Korphe. As he was nursed back to health, Mortenson was shocked to learn that Korphe’s children had no school, with lessons taught outdoors just three days a week. Kids learned to write using sticks in the dirt. To repay the village’s kindness, Mortenson promised to return, and help build a school. He did return, and he eventually built more than FIFTY schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan!  Reading a book like this is inspiring, educational, and can help a child feel connected to the larger world.

Extra Credit by Andrew Clements

August 25, 2009

n298538I just finished a new book by Andrew Clements called Extra Credit. You may have read some of his other books, like Frindle, No Talking, or The Landry News. This is the story of two sixth graders, an American girl and a boy in Afghanistan. They become pen pals because she has to do an extra credit project to keep from being held back in sixth grade. The letters flow back and forth and pretty soon there is an unusual friendship building between the two: they not only learn about each other’s completely different ways of life, they also learn to appreciate their own lives. Like Clements’ other books, this is a school story but also much more: it is a story of friendship and real learning. The bonus in this book is that you learn about life in Afghanistan, a country very much in the news these days.