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New Biographies!

September 28, 2009

anthonywaynecoverWhen I was in elementary school, one of my favorite things to read was the “Childhood of Famous Americans” series of biographies. I loved reading about Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison, Betsy Ross…sadly, back then (yes, I am very old) biographies were mostly about presidents and their wives, with maybe a few inventors or frontiersmen thrown in.  And these books, as I recall, did not have any illustrations at all ( certainly not in color).

053122208X.01._SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_What a different world for our kids today! There are so many interesting series that make reading about real people lots of fun. I recently bought many biographies by Mike Venezia, whose biographies all have clear text and a blend of photographs and humorous cartoon-like drawings, all in full color. They are suitable for 2nd through 5th graders.  New titles include artists Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, and Paul Gauguin; inventors Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie, and many American presidents, such as George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan.

urlFor older readers, I have many new books in the “Who was” series. These are longer than the previous biographies, about a hundred pages each, with lots of black and white illustrations. They, too, are written in a very kid-friendly way, and would be suitable for middle grade readers.

New additions: Claude Monet, Daniel Boone, Harry Houdini, Ronald Reagan, Walt Disney, Ferdinand Magellan and Elvis Presley. I already have biographies in this series of Maria Tallchief, Sacagawea, Annie Oakley, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Rosa Parks.

Check out a biography and find out that these famous people were little boys and girls, just like you, once upon a time!