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EXTRA YARN by Mac Barnett

January 21, 2014

imgresIt’s winter, and we’re all trying to stay warm…plus have a few laughs. I’ve been reading EXTRA YARN by Mac Barnett in lots of my library classes. It is an award-winning  picture book fable about a little girl named Annabelle who lives in a dreary black and white town. She finds a box full of yarn of every color and knits sweaters for everyone in town, plus the pets and the houses, but the yarn never runs out! When a greedy archduke sails in from across the sea and steals her box of yarn, you might think that would be the end of her yarn adventures. The ending puts a smile on everyone’s face, and reinforces the notion that good always triumphs over bad, and kindness can transform a community. EXTRA YARN will give you a warm feeling on a cold winter day.

TWELVE KINDS OF ICE by Ellen Bryan Obed

January 8, 2013

iceDo you like to ice skate?  This small, beautiful book contains the author’s childhood memories of skating on ponds, lakes, the backyard rink…even on frozen fields!  The lovely pen and ink drawings add to the charm of this little book that celebrates the joy and magic of a MAINE winter.