Your turn to express yourself!

What are you reading?

Tell me and our CPS readers about  a book YOU are  excited about!

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  1. Mallory Says:

    I am reading the book Watsons Go To Birmingham, it is a great book there is a part in it that is so awesome it is when Byron gets his lips stuck to the mirror on the old brown bomber it was so funny because at the end of that part Byrons mom just rips his mouth off and he screams cause it hert so bad so if you kids in cps want to express yourself you should check out the your turn:express yourself page on Mrs.Raymonds blog it is your tun to express yourself so go for it!!

  2. Mallory Says:

    Hi, I just finished reading Our Only May Amelia it was an awesome book. i fell in love with it, it was maybe the best book i have ever read of course i am not done reading the Watsons Go To Birmingham yet so i might have a close second by the time i am done cause that is an amazing book too so we’ll see when i finish. I hope i have encouraged the people who go on the blog cause this is a good chance to express your feelings about any book you have read or what you are reading.!!!!

  3. Mallory Says:

    Hi, me again but i just wanted to say that the book Wringer is an awesome book but it is kinda sad at the end but it it is still a really good book and if you like sad but good book then that is truly the book for you thanks if you like this blog much as me then you will be seeing my comments a lot.

  4. Mallory Says:

    OMG!!! last year in 4th grade i read a book that was sosososos amazing that i can’t even say but ill try to tell you little as possible so i don’t spoil it if you would like to read it. so it was about a little dog and in the book the dog is like the boy’s best friend but i am not gonna tell you much so bye!!!

  5. sierra Says:

    i am excited about the book the Watsons go to Birmingham 1963

  6. Taylor mason Says:

    speaking of watsons go to birminham we just started it in our class it is so good so far

  7. Taylor mason Says:

    I read Dear Dumb Diary and it was such a good book i loved it especially when a girl threw meat loaf at the lunch lady and when the nurse cut off half of Angela’s long blond hair it was really funny.

  8. Taylor mason Says:

    I am reading Pony in a Pumpkin Patch for my cereal box report and it is really good because i read 3 chapters in one night and they are long. i wouldn’t read 3 chapters in one night if i didn’t like the book!!! So i only have 8 more chapters to go!!

  9. Marta Says:

    I read the books Eragon, Eldest, and Brisinger. I really like that series because they give me things to think about, they’re challenging, and they’re just plain awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jerome head Says:

    I am reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians The last Olympian right now

  11. sarah Says:

    Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.
    J.K. Rowling is the author of this book. By:Sarah

    I think this book would be good for people fourth grade and up. I like this book because I like the Harry Potter books to read.
    They call it the Chamber of secrets because there is a chamber and only one person knows were it is thats Tom Marvolo Riddle. He is actually he -who- shall -not- be- named. Harry goes into the chamber and meets He-who-shall-not-be-named. So if you want to know if harry lives or ever gets out of the chamber then you will have to read the book.

  12. jerome head Says:

    I am reading star wars death troopers right now

  13. cpslibrary Says:

    Ellie says:

    When I read a book I feel like I’m in the book and can see what’s going on but I’m not in the scene.
    When I’m writing I feel like I’m the author of a new world and get the same feeling I have when I read.
    While I ride and am cantering i feel free as a bird flying in the sky going up up up! But when who I am riding disobeys, it’s down down down. Whe I finally win, I feel so powerful!

  14. abby Says:

    I like the book that Mrs. Raymond read us in library today. It was called NORA’S ARK and it was about a flood. It was also sad. I liked the part where they find the grandfather. Mrs. Raymond and I were both crying a little bit at the sad part.

  15. I just read the cutest thing ever called twist and ernest. it is about a donkey who no one likes then a horse comes. ernest the donkey follows twist the horse around. then they become best friends. i learned that size does not matter, the point is you can have a friend. it was so cute.

  16. Ana Says:

    My favorite book that I read for the library sleepover was Island Of The Blue Dolphins. It is about a girl who lives with the rest of her people on a little island. One day, some people in a boat come and take them to America, but the girls little brother gets left on the island. So the girl jumps off to stay with him. They live there together for a while, until her brother gets killed by wild dogs. One day she tries to kill a dog, but it only gets injured. But that sort of tames it, and so she keeps it as a pet. Then she has to live on her own until finally some people come to take her to America. It turns out that the other boat that the rest of her people rode on had sunk before it got to America. Although it is a sad book, I think it is really good. My favorite part is when she takes the dog back to her house to keep it as a pet, because she is kind of afraid of it at first. Then she trusts it more.

  17. tashawna york Says:

    thats me holding the spring pot tashawna york

  18. brooke richardson Says:

    I think your biog is great! I like our picture you put up. I like reading books. I read lots of books, including almost all of the A to Z mysteries.

  19. kurtis grover Says:

    I’m reading star wars Revenge of the sith. It’s a really good book so far. It has about forty pages.I like the part when the super battle droid cuts off his own head. After that all you can see is fire and wires.

  20. brooke richardson Says:

    i read a pippi book(pippi in south seas and pippi longstocking)and it was great. in litercy group, i am beginning to like reading in journy to the river sea. i enjoy reading animal and mystery books. i can’t wait to read more books.

  21. kurtis grover Says:

    Hi it’s me again.I’m also reading Rescue.It’s a police book.There’s also two robbers robbing a bank in New york city.They get arrested in the bank.

  22. tashawna york Says:

    i love books. horses too

  23. jerome head Says:

    i am reading alice in wonderland

  24. Ellie Says:

    One book I read is Brian’s Winter. It is a good book because it shows how to survive int the wild. I would suggest it be read by third grade and up.

  25. Dylan Richmond Says:

    My favorite book I read this year so far was Percy Jackson and the Olypians the Titans curse, I liked it a lot because it talked a lot about Greek mythology and a lot of humor.

  26. Jarrett Bean Says:

    My favorite book I read for the sleep over was “Tails of the Trojan War”. In the book Apollo the sun god, wants to marry the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is already married to the king of Sparta. So Apollo travels to Sparta to kidnap her, but she is held captive by the king so he has to rescue her. After that the king of Sparta declares war on the Trojans. In the middle of the war, Apollo and the king of Sparta fight to the death to see who would keep the queen. At the end of the fight Apollo wins and marries the queen, but the war is not over yet. The Spartans do a surprise attack on the Trojans and killed half of their soldiers. So if you want to find out who wins the war you have to read the book.

  27. chandler Says:

    My favorite book was bone 9 because it had ton of good things that I like. A character I like was Bartleby – to me he looks cool. And I liked the big war that went on in the book. I liked it when Grandma ben almost got hit by arrows by her sister. It was cool when they where fighting off the rat creature.

  28. cpslibrary Says:

    ALIAH says:
    > I think this book is really awesome!, even though it was really sad
    > ….. Ivy June lives in a little town with her family in a small house.
    > She was chosen to go on a student exchange program, she has to go to
    > Lexington, where she stays with a girl named Caroline. They have a big
    > house and it is weird for Ivy June because it is so different… After
    > she goes there Caroline comes to their house and she has a hard time
    > there one because it is really rustic (she is kind of a sassy girl) and
    > two her mom has to have heart surgery well she is there and imagine if
    > your mom was having heart surgery … While Caroline is there, Ivy’s grand
    > dad(who is a coal miner) got trapped while working, because the mine
    > collapsed… This was very hard for her family, they were waiting for days
    > for the people to find and or to find out if he was dead. If you want to
    > find out if he was found alive or not found at all read the awesome book….


  29. Maddox Says:

    My favorite book I read for the sleepover was “Stargirl”. The book is about a girl who collects porcupine ties, changes her name, says the pledge wrong, and kisses the main person. She is very different and everyone notices. The thing that makes her weird is that she ignores all the things people say about her. When the main person puts her as the “Hot Seat”, she brings her pet rat, too. My favorite person in the book is a Spanish guy who talks to a cactus in Spanish. If you want to find out how the Spanish guy gets mixed in with the story, you have to read the book.

  30. elayna harrison Says:

    Three Cups Of Tea

    Three cups of tea is about a man who went to a small village named Korphe, and promised to build them a school because little kids only had a teacher once a week, and did their lessons outside in the dirt. So he went through all this trouble to build them a school and he did. When he was finished he met with his friend and mentor Haji Ali and Haji Ali told him that one cup of tea means your a stranger, two cups of tea means your friends, and three cups of tea means your family. After that he went back to America and one of his friends said that he should start a business of building schools for people that are in need. he built many schools for towns that don’t have them. The mans name was Greg Mortenson. That was my summary of three cups of tea.

  31. toby Says:

    Miss Raymond my favorite book is bone! My favorite bone is smiley bone. In book 2 the great cow race smiley bone makes a cow suit. He called him self the mystery cow. smiley may be inappropriate some times but he is still my favorite character.

  32. Marta Says:

    The book, City of Beasts, is about a girl in the Amazon and a boy from the city saving a ancient tribe of Indians and their gods, giant sloths who go on strike against Alex and Nadia’s exploring group. They feel the spirits and animals like never before. To save the Indian tribe from being found Nadia has to go to the sky and Alex has to dive into the bowels of the earth. Read to find out more.

  33. Marta Says:

    Things Not Seen is a awesome book about a teen, Bobby, a boy, that sleeps in his bed one night, and ends up invisible!!! His mom and dad find out and tell him not to leave the house but he does this happens for a few days until one day he meets a blind girl at the library and his parents crash!! He finds out that the blanket is from sears and he can sneak in. If he succeeds what will he get? But will he succeed??

  34. sarah Says:

    My Book Review By:Sarah Bartlett
    Ida B Author Kathrine Hannigan
    I like the book Ida B because it has adventures and it is so good. I think people who like adventures should read this book. Ida B went to school in kindergarten. a lot happened to her in that one day she went to school there. She only went for one day because she has so many problems with her teacher. So now she is home schooled and that is much better to her. But she still has friends and they are the trees and the brook and there is this older wise tree on the mountain top. The main characters are Ida B and she has a very cold heart after something happens. Ida B’s mom gets very ill from cancer. And her dad sold her kitty cat Lulu. The story takes place in Ida B’s yard and her house.

  35. Taylor Says:

    Ida B
    Author Katherine Haniggan

    I like it because Ida B has a good loving heart and then she is so MEAN and has a COLD heart, but then she has a caring, nature loving heart again which is very good. You should read Ida B because you could learn a lesson of always saying sorry. Some things that happened in the book are.. 1. Ida B helped Ronnie (a person who is BAD at math) with math. 2. Ida B’s dad sold the cat Lulu and some land. 3. When Claire was at her land ( Ida B’s old land) Ida B yelled at Claire. 4. Ronnie asked Ida B if she wanted to play dodge ball with him and his friends. Some characters in the book are… Ida B – A very nice nature loving girl. Mama- A nice Mama who has cancer. Daddy- A nice Dad who works a lot and sold Lulu and some land. Rufus- A awesome dog who drools all time!! Lulu- A nice kitty who daddy sold. The setting of the book is at school and at home.

    By:Taylor Mason

  36. Gaelan Boyle-wight Says:

    The Music of dolphins
    By Gaelan Boyle-Wight

    In the music of dolphins Mila was raised by dolphins since she was four until she was about fifteen. Now she is being taught how to speak English. She saw the janitor fall over the bucket of water. She tried to help him but the door was locked she pounded on the door the glass and the wall but she could not help him. She really wants to go back to her ocean home. She went to the hump to listen to the waves. She really really wanted to go back to her ocean home. She begged Doctor Beck to go back to her ocean home.

  37. Caroline Finley Says:

    My Book Review
    By: Caroline Finley

    In the Music of Dolphins there is a girl named Mila and she lives with a bunch of Dolphins. She loved living with them. Mila played every day with them and swam through the ocean. She was having so much fun until one day a big helicopter cam and got Mila and brought here back to land. Mila had to stay at a building h a lot of people were looking after her. She did not not like living there. She really wanted to go back to the dolphins but nobody would let her. One day when she was there a janitor went by her room cleaning the floors. Then the janitor had a heart attack. So Mila ran up to the door to try to see if he was okay but when she got to the door she realized that they locked her door so she would not be able to get out. Because they knew that she would try to get out and go back to the sea. So she got really mad when she got to the door because she could not help him. The only thing she could do is pound on her door until somebody let her out. By the time somebody got there her hands were bleeding really bad. All of the people in the building thought that Mila made it so the janitor had a heart attack. After that somebody that was working at the building brought in a person that was plastic that Mila could punch when she got really mad. Then she found out that Shay was losing her memory so Mila gave Shay her special recorder that might help her. It was Mila’s favorite recorder and the next day the Doctor came into her room and told her that Shay broke her recorder. Mila got really mad. The next day she found out that Shay had to be brought to a different house that could take care of her a lot better. Once Mila found out about that she got really mad. She told everybody that she was not going to eat because she was so mad. Then she told Justin that she wanted to go back to that sea but nobody let her go back because they thought she would drown. So if you want to find out if Mila goes back to the sea or not then you have to read the awesome book called The Music of Dolphins.

  38. morgan Says:

    The Music of Dolphins..
    By: Karen Hesse/ Morgan Mclean…..

    The main characters are mila, a girl that is about my age. She has Black hair and she has pretty eyes. Doctor Beck is a Doctor that takes care of mila. Justin is Doctor Beck’s son who likes mila. Shay is a little girl that likes to play with mila. I like the book because mila likes to play with Justin. mila is about my age. mila is so pretty. I like mila because she is pretty and she is getting to know her Dolphin family.

  39. ana rossow Says:

    The Music Of Dolphins
    By: Ana Rossow

    A girl named Mila lives on an Island with her family of dolphins. One day at feeding time, when she was looking for some food on land, a helicopter flies over the island and drops down a ladder. A man drops down a rescue kit. Mila tries to hide, but the man comes and takes her into the helicopter. She tries to get away. When in the copter, she bangs her head against the window to get out, but the man puts his hand between her head and the window. When he gives her a cup of water, she dips the tip of her finger into the water, tastes it, then holds her hands out in the shape of a cup. The man pours some of the waters into her hands and she drinks it. But Mila does not take the cup. The wild girl is taken to a hospital were she is taught to speak and do things. One day in the hospital, Doctor Beck and Sandy, two of the doctors that work with feral kids, take Mila to meet a little girl named Shay. Shay and Mila have a lot of fun together. Shay laughs at Mila’s funny things. A little while after being in the hospital, Mila and Shay and all the doctors go to a new house. There Mila learns to play the recorder and makes a lot of progress. One night Mila decides to go outside and take a swim in the river next to the house. She gets very sick. A janitor named Mr. Anadonda cleans the floor outside of Mila’s

    • Jan-nay Says:

      I also read that book my favorite part was when The Janitor fell over his on mop bucket. Mila got scared so she started banging her hands on a glass window. Her hands started to bleed because she was banging her hands against the window so hard.

  40. Gaelan Boyle-wight Says:

    My Favorite Book I read for the fourth grade sleepover was Warriors Outcast #3 Power of three. In Outcast some thunderclan cats go to the tribe’s home. the tribe has some other cats that are taking the tribe food from their hunting grounds. Their territories are all of those mountains. The clan cats help make boundaries for the tribe cats and the clan cats had to fight to get the other cats to not cross the border.

  41. Elizabeth Says:

    I read A hive for the honey bee. it was a really good book. I recomend it to every one that likes fatnasy

  42. sarah Says:

    I love books!!!!

  43. ana rossow Says:

    I read a book called Things Not Seen. I ordered it out of a book order. There are three books in the trilogy. It is about this boy named Bobby. He wakes up one morning and when he goes to look in the mirror to see himself while he is brushing his teeth and he can’t see himself. He’s just not there. then he runs into this girl in the library. She turns out to be blind so that she does not see him. And she thinks he is just a regular person. But when he tells her he gets mad. But when she finally forgives him, their families work together to find the solution. Then they find out that it was his electric blanket and some sort of a solar clash, and then when the girl and Bobby are talking they think that two negatives make a positive. So in the end he just sleeps with the blanket again and he turns back to normal. I thought it was a great book, and it talked a lot about the science behind everything, and it was just really interesting. My favorite part is when he runs into the girl in the library, and she is smiling even though he is invisible.

  44. Mia Shifrin Says:

    I just read The Invention of Hugo Cabret,I loved it!! It took me only one day to read. My favorite part was when Hugo builds the Mechanical Man. I’d recommend this book to a graphic novel lover.

  45. Mia Shifrin Says:

    I just finished Turtle In Paradise. It is about a girl named Turtle who has to move to the Florida Keys to live with Aunt Minnie. The funniest part of the book is when the boys have to take care of the babies. The boys would each get a nickel from the mothers and then they would run to the candy store. It is humorous and odd to read about boys taking care of babies instead of girls.

    The chapters always starts out with a sentence that criticize kids and then go to the main part of the story. I looked forward to each chapter because of the first sentence! Also, the names in the book are not like Jenny. Each character is named for what they do. Beans, a character, likes to eat beans.

    I cried at the end. Turtle captured my heart and how she felt at the end of the story made me cry. I am not looking forward to going to bed! I want to read another book as good as this one!

  46. mia shifrin Says:

    This morning I finshed reading Word After Word After Word . I hope you continue to buy her books. I love Sarah, Plane, and Tall I also like Caleb’s story.

  47. shifrins Says:

    I just finshed Caddie Woodlawn. It made me cry. Because of how John’s dog goes back with him and how the Woodlawn’s almost go to England. Also how Nero comes home. It’s so beautiful and sad at the same time. I think what made it equally worse was that I also just finished Each Little Bird That Sings, also a sad book.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      I am really glad that you felt an emotional connection to Caddie Woodlawn, Mia. I myself have always been partial to spunky pioneer girls’ stories — Laura Ingalls Wilder was my childhood idol — and I now LOVE Caddie Woodlawn, after our literacy group read it this fall. I think her father’s speech about her growing up is about the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time.

  48. mia Says:

    I just finished reading Becoming Niomi Leon. It is so amazing. When I finished reading it my mom said it looked liked I was “looking into the beyond”, a quote from Looser by Jerry Spinneli. This book is possibly one of the best in the library because it feels good to read. When I first started to read it, the book seemed that it was just going to be a story about this girl’s life. But then, the book just got so amazing and dangerous. I could not put it down and read it in a day.

  49. Jarrett bean Says:

    hi miss. Raymond is there a video online of the oliver twist play? just email me at

  50. Mia Says:

    I just finished The Little Prince graphic novel. I cried at the end , I feel like the Little Prince gave a good message to the guy. I don’t yet know what that message is , but I plan to figure it out when I re-read the book. My favorite part is when the Little Prince describes his journey to planet Earth.

  51. logan whitney Says:

    I love all of Mrs. Raymond’s classics like… The Invisible Man and Frankenstein.

  52. Griffin Says:

    Awesome books: The Lost Hero. About three kids who go to a boarding school, but soon end up at Camp half-blood. Another one: Redwall. About mice who are trying to defend against rats. Warning: the pages are really big and the print is really small. And another: Maximum Ride. Mrs. Raymond doesn’t have it in the library but it is about 6 kids who have wings and the people who made them is trying to attack them and control them. One more: Percy Jackson. A kid who has always lived poor his whole life finds himself at Camp Half-Blood. Just one more: Warriors. It’s about cats in clans who are always fighting. That’s all for today, folks.

  53. Lilo Says:


    I would really like to right a summary on The Tilting House and maybe One Crazy Summer. They are both really good books. By the way, when are we going to start reading the Princes and the Goblin again? I caught Livy reading ahead.

    Your Little Book Worm,


    • cpslibrary Says:

      Yes, you ARE my “little book worm!” We will start reading The Princess and the Goblin again when we return from vacation. I can’t wait to start it again! Please write me a summary on the two books you mentioned: email them to me at and I’ll be happy to FEATURE you on the blog!
      Mrs. R

    • Mia Says:

      I just finished “One Crazy Summer” . It honestly touched my heart, I mean with Delphine,Vonnetta, andFern all hugging Celie before leaving for Brooklyn. I didn’t really like how Celie was so mean and ungrateful to have her as Delphine would say “long lost daughters” with her, but I really think jail and “I Birthed A Nation” and Crazy Kevin really changed her and how she thought about her daughters. The end made me cry.

      Out of five stars, it is a four–with my all-time favorite being “Becoming Naomi Lean”

    • mia Says:

      I agree with you One crazy summer is good and from what I’ve heard The Tilting House is good too, I have it in my Summer pile.

  54. Mia Says:

    I just finished a book called out Of My Mind it’s by Sharon m. Draper. it’s about a girl who can’t talk,walk,or grip things. it’s basically about her life and how she copes with her disabilties. I think you should check it out online.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      I HAVE THAT BOOK IN MY PILE TO READ THIS WEEKEND!! I can’t wait to get back from my ski and start it after lunch today. We’ll talk about it next week!

  55. mia Says:

    I just finished reading “Penny from Heaven’ . It just is so amazing,I mean how her arm went through the wringer, and she got her arm back when the doctors thought she wouldn’t. i loved her family , it was so close.

  56. mia Says:

    I read Amulet last week it just sucked me in. but it left you on a cliff hanger i felt like i needed the second book A.S.A.P. Over all though it”s SO good.

  57. mia Says:

    I just finished The View from Saturday by E.L Konigsburg. I felt that the book was a little hard to understand at some points,but over all it was pretty good. I also feel like there was a message that a fourth grader could not understand. I feel like Mrs. Onski and The souls just came to life. Out of five stars I wold give this book three because one it was a little confusing and two because I feel that the author left some cliff hangers that I’ll never find out.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Mia, I agree with you that it was a confusing book at times: I had to keep a chart with me when I read it, to figure out how everyone in the book was related to everyone else. But the end, when all of the stories came together, was so powerful! And I love the way the book celebrates smart kids. Wasn’t the tea party fun?? (note: feel free to start posting your summer book reactions on the page marked SUMMER READING – thanks!!)

  58. Mia Says:

    I just finished “A Mango Shaped space” by Wendy Mass. It entirely touched my heart, I just felt like Wendy mass just pulled me. I was so shocked that mango died. I could totally relate Adam to Loraine in a book called “The Pigman”. Out of five stars I’d give “A Mango Shaped space” five stars because it is so powerful and sad.

  59. Mia Says:

    last night I finished The Tilting House. The book sucked me in to each chapter after just reading the first page. I thought some parts were a little scary or creepy, like the moss. I felt like the book was going to be scary dangerous one it was more of a creepy mystery. But I want to know what happened to the Vultures and the list! Out of five stars I’d give The Tilting House four stars because it was good,but not the best.

    • Sara Shifrin Says:

      Thanks, Mia for recommending this book for a vacation read aloud. Eli and his friend loved it, and it was fun to read. I hope the author publishes more!

  60. Mia Says:

    I just finished Every soul a Star. it will be a book i’ll never forget with Jack,Melanie, Ally,Bree, Ryan and Kenny. I thought at parts it was a little confusing, but it also made me want to see an Eclipse.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Glad you liked it, Mia: it’s one of my favorite books. Funny and real. I loved the way the characters changed at the end of the book.

  61. Mia Says:

    Yesterday was one rainy day,the perfect day to read “Our Only May Amelia”. I thought this book was so good and sad, but yet so kind of ‘Penny from Heaven”. I can’t believe that Mattie left and Amy Alice died and so did Grandmother Patience. I wish that in the end Mattie could of wrote home or even of come home. But the end was true and real. Out of 5 stars I’d give Our only May Amelia 3 1/2, because it was sad kind of disappointing, also I know that Jenn Holm can write better books.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      I agree, Mia, that the weather lately has been PERFECT for us bookworms! As much as I like to read outside in summer, nothing beats reading on a rainy day. I’ve been reading almost a book a day since school got out, and it feels GREAT! As far as OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA goes, I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t like it more. It was the first Jennifer Holm book I ever read, and maybe that’s why I loved it so miuch. I know you’re a big fan of her more recent books. I remember feeling when I read it ten years ago that May Amelia literally JUMPED OFF THE PAGE for me, right from the beginning…I loved her voice and her spunk. And what about that grandmother???

  62. Mia Says:

    The other day I read ‘Me and Rupurt Goody” by Barbra O’Conner.
    I felt that the book didn’t really a middle,but maybe that was hard for Barbra O’Coneer to developer because the book is so short. Janellee and Rupurt really built a good relationship even if the relationship didn’t start out to good. This book had a good message throughout the entire book. Out of 5 stars i’d give “Me and Rupurt Goody 3 1/2.

  63. Mia Says:

    I just finished The Penderwicks. I thought this book was kind of like a Elenor Estes random adventure, like the bull,but the book also had a mission that appeared in every chapter. I loved all the little romantic parts with Carnagy. Out of 5 stars I’d give The Penderwicks 5 stars because it was short and a fast read and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Be sure to check out the two sequels when you come back to school. I just finished the third Penderwicks, which just came out, called The Penderwicks at Point Mouette which takes place on the Maine coast! I really enjoyed returning to the fun, wholesome world of the Penderwick family, and it was extra interesting because it took place in our home state. There is some romance, as there always is in a Penderwick novel….

  64. Mia Says:

    The other day I finished “Notes in My Yo-Yo String” by Jerry Spinelli. I love that book, but thought it was a little confusing. Some parts made me feel a little awkward (like the chapter called Girls) while others were totally explaining the life of a kid. One part that confused me was that Jerry seemed to live when cars were not very common. I ‘ve been listening to a lot of Homer Price and Henry Huggins (for Eli’s enjoyment) and even in those books cars were very common. I don’t know how old Jerry Spinelli actually is, but it seemed like he live a really long time ago. Out of 5 stars I think that I’d give this book 3 1/2 because the book was a little confusing,but very Jerry Spinnlli good.

  65. Mia Says:

    I’ve read many, many books since my last blog post, and two of my favorites have been “Ida B” and “Gathering Blue”.
    Ida B because it was different when something bad happens it wasn’t someone died or someone moved away, Her mom got cancer. I loved how Ida B’s emotions seemed so real. Mrs. Washington seemed so nice and friendly.
    I also really liked “Gathering blue” because it made me think and it was so much like “The Giver” with the separate worlds. Matt made me laugh with how he refused to take a bath, but he was so nice in finding Keiri’s father and finding blue.
    Out of 5 stars I’d give “Gathering Blue” 5 stars and I’d give Ida B 4 1/2 because at some parts I thought it was a little boring.

  66. Mia Says:

    I finished a book called “Amalee”, it’s by Dar WIllams. Amallee is about a girl in sixth grade and she just has a dad and his friends so when dad gets sick it’s up to Amalee and her dad’s friends to make him better. Mrs. Raymond I really think you should buy this book it’s so amazing I think it would b a good addition to the library!

  67. Dylan Greenberg Says:

    I finished the Humphrey series! I finally got “Summer According to Humphrey,” the last one in the series, after weeks of waiting, and it only took me 2 days to read it. Before that, I read The World According to Humphrey, Friendship According to Humphrey, Trouble According to Humphrey, Surprises According to Humphrey, and Adventure According to Humphrey.” Humphrey is a classroom hamster who is always courageously helping his human friends. He wouldn’t be able to help his friends if it weren’t for his trusty “lock-that-doesn’t-lock.” I’d recommend this to any animal lovers and lovers of adventure.

  68. Mia Says:

    I just finished “Out of the Dust” like 5 seconds ago and it is SO good but also wicked sad it reminds me of Nory Ryans song”. I think Livy might like it. It’s so good.

  69. Mia Says:

    The other day I finished Because of Mr. Terupt. I thought it was incredible, Mr. Terupt seemed to make magic in his classroom. I also liked how all the kids that were I guess featured had a hard time at home or had a sad story to tell. This book kept me in suspense. I think Lilo would really like this book also maybe Livy.

  70. Mia Says:

    I just finished the early release copy of Dumpling Days by Grace Lin, not to be released until January. When Pacy’s family goes to Taiwan to go and see family and for grandmas 60th birthday. Pacy must learn to adjust to Taiwan. so if you want to find out how Pacy’s trip to Taiwan gose read Dumplings Days by Grace Lin when it’s released.

  71. Mia Says:

    OMG! I just finished “The Same Stuff As Stars” It’s so good and so sad. When 11 year old Angel Morgan finds herself with a father in jail, no mother , and a stubborn seven year old brother in her great grandmother’s old house. Angel must find and put her life back together. With the help of a mysterious man and a very old librarian.

    Mrs. Raymond I loved this book and I really think that Lilo Livy and Lily would like it.

  72. Elayna H. Says:

    Mrs. raymond OMG I just started an awesome series Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras so AWESOME if you don’t have it in CPS you should get It I think the fourth and fifth graders would love them they are by Scott Westerfeld!

  73. Julia Aug Says:

    I read out of my mind and it was one of the best books I ever read. And after I read that book it made me think of people in a whole different way, even the nicest people have dark sides.

  74. Julia Aug Says:

    I read a book called star girl and it was a very unique book about a girl who was different and how she looked at the world.

  75. Julia Aug Says:

    I read the wonderings of Odysseus the second book of the odyssey the first book was the black ships of troy a story of troy and how it came to be no more. But the wonderings of Odysseus is a book of One of the great heros and his long journey back home.

  76. Julia Aug Says:

    I read a mango shaped space. It is about a girl who can see colors when she hears words or sees numbers and how she deals with her life because she has never told anybody.

  77. Julia Aug Says:

    I read Masterpiece and it was about a beetle who is a great artist and how he becomes a friend with a boy and shows what he can do.

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